Wednesday, August 13, 2014

My week of: I will never be a missionary again on this day 8-4-14

Yes I have officially had to face the fact that I will never get to be a missionary on August 1st again.....sad fact to think about. It is motivating though.

 This week was insane!!! God is not only letting me grow, but He is letting me really really grow. I thought that I had been asked to do everything possible already this transfer. I honestly couldn’t think of anything more they could assign me to do…then I got a call from the AP’s. They asked me to train at Mission Leadership Council. This meeting is with president and all the leadership in the mission. Umm, stressful. I have never even been to one before. I accept and gave it on Friday. I learned so much and I think it went well so I am grateful to have grown even more. I talked about accountability and how we are first and foremost accountable to God. It made me really aware of how I am measuring up to what God has given me. Then the next night we got another call from the AP’s telling me they picked us to have a mini missionary. She is 17 years old and wants to try out a mission. She will be with us for a week and will literally live the mission life.  So pretty much I am double training. This trio will be a fun one because we are going to tear things up out here on the coast. Plus, I think it is because God loves me so much…. He is giving me Mission Twins (when you train they are called your babies) J My obsession with twins has gotten much worse out here. I guess dream do come true just not always how we imagine.

Amy is doing super great and will get baptized as soon as we figure it out with her parents. We fasted with her on Sunday. Obed is doing absolutely amazing…..he is a miracle. We taught him Word of Wisdom and he gave up coffee and drinking that very day. He is so happy and can’t wait for his baptism. I love teaching these people.

Lucas, the one from China, came to church!!!! This is a HUGE step for him. When we went and taught him he said. “I am afraid that at this point I am actually  going to get baptized on that day”. I was so happy I started laughing  He is progressing so well right now. Katie is also doing really well and hopefully will make her day for baptism. Lots of exciting things on the horizon!!!!

ROBERT IS GETTING BAPTIZED FOR REAL ON SATURDAY. 6 ½ months later I am going to see him actually get baptized. I think that it is actually very very fitting that he is my first official baptism. I felt so prompted this week to ask him to have his interview for baptism. This is when he still didn’t have a date and was still just figuring it all out. I asked him and he accepted. I still didn’t mention actually being baptized. After his interview he told me that Saturday would do. I about cried on the spot. Sister Grover gets to come down and see it right before she goes home. He asked if Sister Grover and I would be the ones to speak and I just felt so glad that I never gave up on him. Most people did. I have never learned how to love, be concerned for, pray for, seek the spirit for, and have such patience for a person like I have learned with Robert. I know that he was one of my people. Pray for him!!! We celebrated with figs and frozen yogurt.

I have to go. I want to write so many things to all of you. I love this church and I love being a missionary!!!!! Don’t give up on anything!!!!

Love Sis Huber

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