Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Week 5 is ALWAYS the best 5-27-14

Hello one and all,
It is my final week of the transfer! How did that happen? I don't even know. I am 100% likely to start crying when we get the transfer call. If I stay or if I go. I guess I better buck up and get ready for some change.
Encinitas is where Vans started. And some other famous company I just forgot the name of. So cool! This place is rad.
This week has been a whirlwind!!!!! You have no idea. None. First off, we taught 27 lessons which is triple the amount of lessons that this area has been averaging. That makes a soul quite drained. I don't think we will ever have a week like it again. Everything just feel into place.
We are now teaching a family with two severely autistic boys. They are just the cutest things ever. We have 2 to 5 minutes to teach a lesson and very specific rules on what we can and can not do with them. No clapping or loud noises and things like that. It is a great experience for me and I love it. I want to work with children like that when I have my degree. I find myself being my best self around them. They make me into who I actually want to be. I am loving and patient and only they matter. The parents told us it might take awhile for the boys to be comfortable with us. They said the last missionaries had to wait months before the one boy would come over and sit on the sisters lap for a minute or two. Last night as I was leaving I walked over and said goodbye to Sterling who is 9. I got down on my knees and he pressed his forehead to mine and we just stared into each others eyes. I wrapped my arms around him and we stayed like that for a full minute. No words, just a real human connection spirit to spirit. It was as if time stood still for us right then. It was as if we were the same. I love him. As I was leaving the mom just thanked me over and over and gave me a big hug. I am so grateful I could be friends with her son.
We taught Margot a family history lesson! We got on family search and helped her start going. It was so awesome! She loved it and the man from the ward loved it! She is talking about the temple and taking names after her baptism on August 2nd. Unfortunately she is going out of town for July so we have to wait till Aug to have her baptism. But that is ok because it will come soon enough!
Michelle is getting baptized on June 21st. This time it is for real. We set it yesterday and planned it all out. She has weddings every weekend till then. She is so cute and said she would fly to Colorado to do my wedding flowers. I told her to hold her horses because that is not happening for quite some time! But she will be at my wedding along with Robert and Margot and who knows who else! I guess I really do have to get married in San Diego. Half my family is here now!
Erin and Robert and Sarah are slowly starting to come back into progression and the church. They might actually get married in July and then she can be baptized. It is a process. I am learning great patience with this one.
We had so many times this week that we would randomly get to teach someone on the street or that we tracted into. That never happens! We knocked into one lady who is very less active. She said she had started praying 4 days before for the first time in a long time. She said she wanted to come back to church and start living better. Amazing how God sends us to people that need us. We were able to teach her and pray with her and now she can come back to church! YAY!
We got fed cactus......it was so gross. I wanted to barf. I know exactly why I didn't get called to Spanish work. They force feed you nasty food!!! I mean it was very kind of them but I just really didn't want it. Oh well you can be proud because I eat the whole bowl of beans and cactus and spongy meat. Yummy yummy.
Robert Robert. Well he is doing great. Turns out the only reason he hasn't come to church is because he didn't have a car or ride. We chastised him for not telling us. He won't let us get him rides though because apparently he can't burden other people. We tried to explain that nobody is burdened and that we love helping but he wouldn't let us. So he walked 1.5 hours to church. And then he walked 1.5 hours to our lesson. One way. So 3 hours for a 45 minute lesson. I would say he loves the gospel. I would say he is just about the coolest person ever. He is getting baptized June 7th and it will be a glorious day.
I have gained such a testimony of the goodness of people and the truth of the gospel this past week with Robert and Michelle. Both of them have hard financial situations and are very tight with money. Both of them have lots of worries and things that they have to deal with. We taught the law of tithing to both of them this week. I was humbled as both of them, without any questions or complaints, said they would pay tithing when they are baptized. They both embraced it and said that it made perfect sense. They both said of course they would give some of what God had given them back to His church. I am grateful to learn from these choice souls. I don't even think I had that strong of a testimony of tithing before my mission. They taught me that nothing matters more then obeying God commands.
So much to say and tell and no time to do it. Well I love this gospel. I love this church. I don't love cactus. And I sure love Encinitas.
Love Sister Huber

Haircut.....well dye job and cut. ‏ 


Monday, May 26, 2014

FIRES!!!! ‏ 5-19-14

Hello all,

Yes my whole mission was on fire this week :( Lots of missionaries were evacuated and moved. Because I live by the ocean I was surrounded by smoke but not actually in danger. The sisters inland  came to stay at our apartment though. It was crazy!  four sisters in one apartment. We woke up to run and just were coughing on smoke. But because we are obedient we still did it. I think it was unhealthy because everyone else had masks on and were advised to not go outside. I guess normal rules don't apply to missionaries. People still need the gospel when everything is burning down. The sky was so beautiful though with the red and such! I am grateful that nobody was hurt and they are now controlled.

It was a crazy, crazy week because we had fires, two exchanges, and my companion got sick. Exchanges are very tiring things. I love to learn and help other sisters but it can be really hard. I stayed in my area for one and left for one. The one that I left for was in La Costa. It was over 100 degrees and every single appointment fell through. We ended up tracting for 7.5 hours. I have never done something like that before. Between the heat and the walking I ended up sick as well. It was great though because we got 6 return appointments for them next week. My heart goes out to any missionary that tracts all day long.  Being a missionary is hard work. Also, this heat wave thing has got to end. All the sisters are getting sick from heat exhaustion and the sun. I am officially dark and tan! I bet I would even beat Seth right now. I met some really cool people knocking doors. I love all the people we get to meet every single day. I have also decided Buddhists people are the nicest people around.  Really, they are quite peaceful and kind. We got a 30 min yelling about us being a cult at one point and also got told we believed in the wrong Jesus. I never realized that there was a "wrong Jesus" :) I just love trying to share with people even if they don't want to hear! I still feel good inside because I know that I am trying my hardest.

Robert!!!!! Ah man he is sooo cool. He is having dreams now. He has dreams of him and all around him is light. He said he can't tell where the light is coming from or what it is but he says the light fills him up and is inside of him. Pretty awesome! He also sees his Grandpa who passed away a few years back. Robert loves his grandpa more than anyone else. I know his grandpa is trying to help him see that this is right and help him along. We are going to teach about temples! Robert also just randomly texted a verse from Alma 32 yesterday. It talked about how we receive no witness till after the trial of our faith. He says whenever he reads the Book of Mormon he hears our voices telling him it is true. So pretty much he is progressing right towards baptism. I am so grateful for our friendship with him. That is how I began teaching him and that is what we will have forever. Friendship is powerful. When you love somebody it is natural to share the gospel with them. Keep that in mind!

Michelle came to church again and loved it! We are just trying to fit all the lessons in so the baptism can happen. If it getS moved it is because we can't meet with her as often as we would like. It will happen very soon though regardless:) I love the ward for just embracing her. She feels so welcome and loved. That is the key to this whole process. If someone feels love at church, they will keep wanting to come back. Every person loves and needs to feel loved.

We picked up a new investigator named....Robert! Ahh that means we have 4 Roberts now. It is hard to keep them all straight. This Robert is a believer in Jesus Christ but not God. He can't accept God. He has studied every religion or faith in the world. He speaks 9 languages and is very well educated.  He knows God is there but he is fighting it. And yet, I have never loved someone like I love Robert. I want nothing more than to tell him about God. We taught him a lesson and at the beginning we were pretty much screaming at one another. This is not normal don't worry but for him it worked. I think God sent me to Robert because I will tell him what is up and not be fearful. Other missionaries have tried but they aren't bold in the way I can be I guess. That is what he told me. When I was talking to him I felt the spirit so strong. I started loudly proclaiming my testimony and knowledge of God and he just went silent and listened. He didn't fight anymore. I told him that I could never deny the fact that someone does listen to us when we pray. I told him that God would heal his soul and fix his life. I told him he needed to stop being stubborn and listen. I told him he needed to humble himself and accept that he will need to change. And you know what, he listened and then he stayed quiet and let us teach. He said he can always tell when someone actually believes what they are preaching. He says he only will listen to passion. I am grateful to learn from him and if nothing else to better understand my own passion and testimony. I know it is true and if I have to yell it I will. I hope that future lessons are a little calmer:)

Speaking of love- I am giving a training in Zone Conference on charity and love. The bible dictionary says: Charity is the purest, noblest, strongest kind of love. That is the kind of love I want to have. That is the kind of love that makes everything else ok and worth it. That is the love that shines through to people who are rude and mean and not happy souls. That is the love that can change the world. It is what Christ preached and lived. It is what so many seek for. Let us pray every day for charity for God. If we ask for it, and live worthy to have it, He will give it to us. I love being a missionary. I love the hard times, well I'm trying too :), and I love the special moments that can't even be described or written.

Keep it real!

Sister Huber


Happy Mothers Day! ‏ 5-12-14


It was so good to Skype and see you all yesterday! Sorry that I talk a lot. I just have so much to say and I never get to say it all. I am sorry that it is snowing there. Seeing that was like a dream to me. Well Happy Mother’s Day to everyone who I didn't get to tell! I hope that it was wonderful and you felt loved.

Well we had quite the run around this week. The elder who was serving in my ward ended up going home early and left on Friday. So we got a new elder and had to deal with all of that. It creates a lot of stress and ripple effects for all the missionaries around. We are really excited about the new elder though! He is from Japan and should be great. Me and Sister Grover have been trying really hard to better support the elders and keep them moving forward. With all this happening it has given us great opportunities to do that. It is great to be able to look outside myself even more and just try and focus on them and on my area. It is such a motivation to be better all the time.

We also took some hard hits this week with our work but I know that there are good things to come. I know there is always rain before the rainbow. I am just trying really hard to share that mentality with my companion and everyone around me. There are a few feelings of anger or extreme frustration from others close to me that I am trying to help them identify and change. Agency is a gift from God and regardless of how other people use it, we also have to use it to stay positive and happy and moving forward. How grateful I am for that testimony and knowledge!

Robert and Michelle are both doing well and moving towards baptism:) They are our shining stars and keep us going.

We went on a few exchanges this week and it was so great for me to be able to feel like I had an impact on other sisters. I really felt like I had things to offer to them and ideas to help them become better. I was really praying before I went that I could influence them for good and be able to identity and understand things that were hard for them so I would know how to help. It is so great to see how good God is in allowing us to see results from honest pleadings and requests. I hope I can continue to be a good example and lift everyone I see!

It is my companions birthday today!!! I am excited to do things with her and try and make her as happy as possible.

I just want to close with my testimony of the Book of Mormon because I have just come to love and rely on it so much recently. I just soak up the words and feelings that come from honest seeking and reading. It seems to me that every single day I find something new that can help an investigator or even me. I just want everyone to feel its power and healing. I know that it is not merely a nice text with nice ideas. I know that is it not fabricated. I know that is in fact true. I can testify of that with every fiber of my being. It is the thing that is powerful enough to keep thousands of young adults on missions. It is what makes it all worth it. I love the Book of Mormon.

Today I read: 2 Nephi 9:18- " But, behold, the righteous, the saints of the Holy One of Israel, they who have believed in the Holy One of Israel, they who have endured the crosses of the world, and despised the shame of it, they shall inherit the kingdom of God, which was prepared for them from the foundation of the world, and their joy shall be full forever."

Let us all work a little bit harder to endure our own personal cross and one day receives a fullness of joy.

Love Sister Huber


HAPPY MAY! ‏ 5-5-14


So I guess it is now May....how did that happen? It has been getting HOT over here. It was 95-98 all week when I was walking around. I am not used to that so it was kinda rough to try and stay moving. I thought I was going to have heat stroke. Thanks goodness for water and sunscreen (yes mom I use it every day). There are also a lot of tourist that are now coming here so it is changing the way we talk to people. All of the sudden no one actually is from here and they really don't care about talking because they are headed to the beach. Oh well we can get referrals and such. One day I will vacation here....dad put it on the plan for September 2015.

I went on two different exchanges this week. I don't really like exchanges so I am working on having a good attitude and trying to learn and lead. Some missionaries just really don't know how to work....it is a problem my friends. Everyone should teach their children how to work. I think it will take them far in life. But while on one of the exchanges I had a good time and saw some miracles!

Robert came to a baptism! It was the most amazing baptism I have ever been too. It was a mom and her two teenage sons. They are from Iran and because they choose to be baptized they can never return to their country. If anyone finds out they will be killed. They speak Farsi and the missionaries taught them through translators. The baptism was in two languages and it was so powerful to feel their devotion to the church and see the tears when they received the cleansing power that comes through baptism. They really know that this is true because they had to give up so much to join. Their father is still in Iran and he can't know or else he will be killed as well. One day he will come join them here and learn about the church and hopefully join them in being baptized. Robert enjoyed it and right after we went and taught him a lesson. We taught him about baptism and confirmation and what that will do for his life. He understood that baptism is the beginning and makes people happy. It was great! We had a member from the ward come who is a convert and single mom. She is from Brazil and absolutely a crack up. She bore a powerful witness of the power of the church and her baptismal story. At the end we committed Robert to be baptized on June 7th. He was very hesitant but is praying to know if that is right. I know without a doubt that it can happen and it will happen.

 The next day Robert came to church, yay! It was the best testimony meeting I have ever attended. This ward is full of rock stars. The whole meeting was focused on Christ, as it should be, and the spirit was very strong. He helped me teach the lesson second hour and made some friends! What a grand day for Robert! I will keep you updated on him.

Michelle is also moving forward. We have the perfect fellowshipper for her and she came to church with this lady. We are continuing to teach her and soon she will be all ready for baptism! I only have 4 weeks left in this transfer so the heat is on and we gotta move! I just have really come to love her though. I reread my farewell talk and I realized that it is true. You love those you serve. I love all these people so much. I pray for them, fast for them and think about them nonstop. I wonder if they realize how much time and energy is put into their progression.

I was asked to teach the gospel principles class. Why not? I guess that is my job now. This week it was on the life of Christ and it was an awesome lesson. I asked each investigator a question prior to church so they would feel comfortable in class. I then had them share experiences and help teach!  I was nervous but it seemed to go well. Teaching with a lot of the ward members present kinda scares me. I guess I need to get over that though and just focus on the spirit.

It was just a week for me teaching because I was also asked to give a training to all the missionaries in the district. I had a lot of fun with that one! I used an object lesson with lots of food and I made jello cake with strawberries and cool whip. I know I know, so Emily of me. They all loved it though and said they have never seen anything like it! I am just going to revolutionize trainings so people learn and still enjoy sitting there.

Margot is having a few health issues:( Pray for her. She is so amazing and fasted on Sunday even though she couldn't come to church. I am naming my first born child after her. Take notes mom.

Erin and Robert are still working on getting hitched. Robert now works far away so it is kinda making it hard to teach them. Hopefully we figure something out soon.

We got yelled at a few times,  given lots of water, got told to never return, got told we could come back, taught some lessons, had lessons canceled, found free clothes on the side of the road, ate lots of salad and ice cream, got tans, got fans for our apartment and just had a missionary week! All is well. All is well.


Sister Huber 

Happiness 4-28-14


Well howdy all. I hope that everyone had an enjoyable week. I like to imagine myself actually talking to people when I write these so bear with me. I miss having pressure-free, casual, fun conversations with people. Being a missionary is exhausting because you need to be on your game ALL the time.

I didn't get a single letter in the mail this week.....yes that is really sad considering that I haven't been out very long. That is not supposed to happen till month 6. Dad, maybe you could forward me the junk mail? Just kidding but I now feel extremely bad for Leah and her lack of mail for many weeks.

On Saturday we helped the stake with a big service project. We helped paint all the stairs in a big high school stadium. We also got videoed and interviewed for a big Mormon.org initiative that is happening in the San Diego area.  The Book of Mormon musical is coming to this area so the church is making a video and billboards to show when it is here. They choose my zone to be the missionaries for it. We had to talk about why we are serving missions and what we do every day. It is pretty cool and I wonder if I will actually make the cut. I did get interviewed for about 5 minutes so maybe!

 We actually had an investigator come to help with the service project! Robert came and painted with us. It was so great to work with him and help him meet more people. He said something that really struck me when we were working. He said: "People used to tell me that I was happy and I used to think that I was happy but then I met you and I realized that I didn't even know what happiness was. Sister Huber, you are the happiest person I have ever met." I felt prompted to reply with a question: "Robert, why do you think I am so happy? What makes me feel so happy?" He said: "well I know what you would say." I said: "what would I say?" He said: " You would say The Book of Mormon is what makes you so happy."

In that moment I realized that a lot of my happiness does indeed come from the Book of Mormon. I have found so many answers and insights from searching its pages. I have found peace and direction and the ability to keep pressing forward. I have found happiness. I am so grateful that Robert recognizes its power and is reading it for himself. I am also grateful for my own personal testimony of the book that shines through to others so that they can tell where happiness can come from. The Book of Mormon brings true happiness. It brings light and healing. It just has to be true!! I have felt its power and seen it make me into the happiest person alive:) I am grateful to share that message with everyone I meet.

We had three investigators at church which was so exciting for us! M came and loved it! She is the one getting baptized on May 24th! Sister Grover and I really sat down and made some transfer goals. We are pushing ourselves and it will be exciting to see them happen. It is not easy being a missionary. Man some days it is actually really super hard, but it is always rewarding. And I know it is worth it. And I guess I am really happy. Margot actually told me this week that I looked like a model. She said, " I always think you are so beautiful and I wonder if you know that. I hope you know that." Made my day. Don't forget to tell people the good things about them and brighten their day! We might know something about someone but maybe they need to hear it to believe it. 

We got a new elder in our ward. Always an adjustment.

I got to push a baby stroller up a very large steep hill this week. It was funny because sister Grover was trying to teach Erin a lesson and I was trying to get Sarah to stop screaming. I think we did a fairly good job at getting our point across so I would call it a success.

We picked up some awesome new investigators and had some awesome lessons with them and others. One person is a former Jehovah witness. That is kinda like something that never happens. He is way cool and way open to the gospel. Unfortunately we have to pass him off to the singles ward sisters. I feel like we pass off a lot of our good potentials, good thing we are all working for the same purpose.

Sorry this letter is all over the place and not very good. I am more tired then usual and I can't think straight. Bottom line: I am good and being a missionary is the best. It is always worth it. Also, give 100% to whatever you are doing and have no regrets. It is hard to see missionaries that don't work or aren't really into being a missionary. It makes it hard for everyone. I am working on Christ like attributes, including patience and humility and charity and love and pretty much everything.  I might need like a ten year mission to figure it all out.

Happy summer or whatever break you are all on!

I love you all!

Sister Huber