Monday, April 21, 2014

What A Week 4-21-14

Hello all,
1st off: transfers are this week. Well someone's prayers must really be heard and answered because neither sister Grover or I are being moved. Yes indeed, we are staying here and staying together. I guess that means something is happening here. Well I already knew that but I guess something that requires the HuberGrover team is going to go down. It shall be exciting.
2nd off: Elder Ballard came to my mission! What a amazing experience. He came and talked to the 180 missionaries that are serving in the Carlsbad California mission. I was chosen, purely because my companion has an angel voice, to sing in a special group for the meeting. We got to meet him and shake his hand and briefly talk with him. I will never forget what it felt like to look into his face and feel his smile and receive his thanks for my service. The meeting was powerful and makes me want to be better. Bottom line-if we want to baptize more people, we must talk with more people. TRUTH. Ha but really he promised that if we each talk to 10 people a day, independent of tracting and lessons, we will double baptisms. So 20 a day per companionship. It will be hard in some areas but we are trying!
Elder Saben and Elder Maynes of the 70 were also there. They gave powerful talks and stories that touched me. One said, "we serve to stand blameless at the last day (D&C 4) Not perfect, but blameless. You use the atonement by serving. Missionary work triggers the atonement." They talked about how the Book of Mormon is the cure for sadness and how we better be happy sharing the happiest message there is. It was great!
MIRACLE STORY! One night as it was quickly approaching the unfortunate hour of 8 o'clock (missionaries hate the 8 o'clock hour if they don't have a lesson) Sister Grover and I had about 15 mins to use before we had somewhere to be. It was dark and we usually avoid knocking on doors at night but we knew it must be done. We went to a street and starting knocking. Not very nice people that evening. Well we had a few more minutes so we knocked on a door and found a lady at home. She said we could come back and we set up a time to do so the following week. Well that was this week and we headed over to see her. She invited us in and started talking and ran and got a pad of paper to take notes on. Me and Sister Grover just looked at each other and grinned. Long story short, we spoke to her of love and peace and she opened up and started crying and saying how she hadn't felt those things for a long time. We taught her the restoration and set a baptismal date for may!!!! We set a baptismal date for may!!! I had to write that twice because it is a miracle. That is one reasons both of us needed to stay here I think. The church is true and is brings peace into any life that will let it.
We had great lessons with our other investigators and now have three baptismal dates set. We are working towards getting more this week and I can't wait to just give God everything. It was so cute because we thought for sure that one of us would be leaving the area. We told all our people and said some goodbyes. We went to the gas station to tell Robert and we turned to leave as he was checking out a customer. We look up from the car to see him running out of the gas station waving his hands. He goes "one of you is really leaving?" We really love these people and It is so great to know they love us too. They all just jumped up and down when they found out we are both staying. Everyone at the ward also was thrilled. It feels so good to be loved and appreciated. Hard work really pays off.
I can't believe Mothers Day is approaching!!! That is crazy. I guess I will see you then. Also, I gave up sugar with my companion so don't send me anything with it! I lose all my mail privileges if I eat it.
I love you all!
Sister Huber

Because Of Him 4/14/2014

To start I want all of you to go to this link and watch the video:
Did you do it? No? Ok go back and watch it now.
I really hope you watched it because it will lift you up and make you think. Now go share it with all your friends. Thanks:)
This week was incredible! Sister Grover and I are trying to finish strong and really give 100% to this area. We are exhausted every day and just fall into bed at night. I guess that is good though.
 Margot set a baptismal date! This is such great news for her. She is waiting until August so that summer is over and her family can all come. Although we wish it was sooner, we are so thrilled and feel at peace with the day. Right now we are working on family history with her. She has the most incredible stories that inspire me every time I hear them. She grew up in Germany during the war and has been through so much. Her faith has never left and she is an example of someone who has been waiting to hear about the church.
Erin and Robert are also doing well! They are coming to church every Sunday now and Erin is well on her way to being ready for her baptism in June. We are going to start planning her wedding and that is pretty dang exciting. With Erin I have gained such a testimony of the book of Mormon. It has truly changed her life. We go read with her a few days a week and she just soaks it up. She gets more out of it then I do some days. I am so impressed to hear her talk about what is has done for her and how she is changing because of it. I have a testimony that it is true. I have a testimony that is can help people become new.
Robert. My man Robert. I am pretty sure he is like my best friend now. He doesn't really know that, and I would feel weird telling him that, but I just think he is so great. We always have a good old time. We taught the Plan of Salvation to him and invited him to be baptized. He didn't accept a date but he said he would think about it all. He doesn't want to jump into anything without knowing 100%. He says, "sister and sister, its not like buying a car" We smile and tell him of course not.  I know he will continue to progress and one day soon he will say yes.
E and E are great! We had a super good lesson with them and they are both reading and praying now. The only complication we have found is that they go out of town every Sunday to see there husband/dad.....kinda  a problem. I will work on figuring out a solution. 
Karol is back in the game!!! I don't know what I told you all about her but we taught her for a long time and she wasn't really progressing. She is now back! I knew some love and time would do the trick. She had a surgery and we got the elders to give her a blessing. So good. She is meeting with us almost everyday and really changed her heart. Sometimes God gives us hard things to soften our hearts and move us towards Him.
Funny story: Some days I just struggle. Its sad. I was knocking doors and we walked up to a sliding door that was clear. I could see a girl on the couch and so I knocked and smiled. She raised her had and pointed in my direction and said something. I thought she said: come in. I proceeded to open the sliding door and walk on in.....ya she actually said, he's sleeping. Her boyfriend was asleep on the couch next to her and she just wanted us to be quite so he wouldn't wake up. So awkward! I literally just walked into her house after she has told be to be quite and leave. I just held up the book of Mormon and then ran away. I was traumatized for at least 4 doors after that. Then I got over it and started laughing.
Ok my thought time:)
 Real Christians don't carry their religion, their religion carries them.  
Is our faith and religion a burden? Do we feel obligated to carry it and all the rules and lifestyle changes it forces us to make? Do we feel weighed down by our church? If so, we aren't doing it right. I can testify of that. I think there is a time in every persons life when they are carrying a part of their religion. I know I have done it before and it is a hard path to walk. I felt like I had to follow some rule or I was limited by some standard my family kept. When this is our attitude, religion can be hard and can seem like a burden. When we feel like we are paying a price or giving up happiness and fun times to be a follower of Christ we will always feel like we are the ones sacrificing in the end. This attitude doesn't allow us to truly completely understand and accept the real sacrifice that has already been made, that of Jesus Christ. The gospel is a message of peace and goodness, not of limitations and hardships. It is what sets us free not what ties us down. I have gained such a testimony of the fact the this gospel can give a person wings. I have seen it in others and I have felt it very personally in my own life. I know that Jesus Christ carries me. I know that Because of Him I can really live again. I love Easter because I get to focus on the miracle of His Atonement and resurrection. I hope that we can all realize that we are not paying a price at all. We are the ones getting endless blessing in return for simply trying our best to follow Christ. Don't get caught up in the commandments and rules and start thinking you have to carry the burden of following them. Focus instead on what you can do because of Him and what the gospel has carried you through. When we refocus and start to better understand the gospel we will feel it pick us up and carry us through everything.
I love you all 100 red hearts!!!(a little girl said this to me this week and I just melted inside because it was so cute)
Sister Huber

A brief synopsis of a brief part of my 4 minutes. (See Sunday morning session of General Conference for greater clarification)‏ 4/7/2014

What a great week! I loved conference. What a neat experience as a missionary. I just felt so overwhelmed at the goodness of the Savior and Heavenly Fathers perfect plan. What a privilege it is to share it with all those around me. I felt confirmation after confirmation of God's love and His hand in our lives. I found answers to my questions and I found great strength to press forward. What a blessing it is to have continued revelation and an outpouring of God's grace through the prophets and apostles.

We had great lessons with our investigators and found two new people to teach. One person was a miracle story for me. I was on an exchange and in charge of the area. We were tracting an apartment and it was time for us to walk home. I saw one lady in the parking lot walking quickly. I decided to talk to that last one person that evening and go contact her. She said we could come back and teach her. We went back a few days later and she was not home. I was really sad because I had felt really good talking to her the first time. I decided we should try back again the very next day and see if we could find her home. We did go back that night and she answered her door. She apologized for not being home the day before and started talking to us on her doorstep. Her two college aged daughters were studying for a big test and so we could not go in a teach her that night. We were basically teaching the first lesson on the doorstep as we were setting up a time to come back. I was sad that we could not teach her the full lesson right then and had consigned to the fact that it wouldn't work out right then. Suddenly a light came on behind us, it was the laundry room. Someone had walked in to change their clothes. The women grabbed some chairs and said, lets go study in there! We were able to sit in the back of a public laundry room and teach the restoration to this women. I know that God gave us that light to show us a way to help her come unto Him. We are now teaching her and I cannot wait to see what happens. I have such a testimony of how right as it seems impossible, God will turn on a light in our lives and show us a way. He did it with us that night and He has done it over and over in my life.
E is currently in the process of overcoming some addictions. It has been amazing to watch the way that God reaches out and fulfills His promised to His children. He will and does bless us for keeping the commandments. We read the book of Mormon with them almost every day and that one thing alone has brought extreme power into their lives. Just simply reading that book every single day can give us the power and spirit needed to accomplish any task. She also received a blessing and that has been a great testimony to her of God's love.
Margot is doing great!!! We taught her the word of wisdom, something I was kinda nervous about, and she is going to keep it this week! She said she can give up her coffee. Yay! Some people are so strong and so good. I am constantly amazed and motivated by these people.
Meggie Roo- I hope your Birthday was amazing. I thought of you and I love you a whole lot. Keep being cute and let me know how much you love the temple!
I have challenged myself to be greater. I love deeper. To express my testimony with more power. To be humble and desire for Him to lead. Some days I think I am the one experiencing the greatest miracle.
I have found that it is all about the relationships and bonds we form. It is all about reaching out and showing love and sharing what you hold so dear. That is success. I gave my very first training! It went well even though I was nervous. I am much more nervous to teach other missionaries then to teach people on the streets.
I went on an exchange to Vista. It is about 30 mins away and a totally different world. Our mission is special because we cover very rich to mini Mexico. I guess I better not get used to this crazy life I am living right now. I love this place and all its challenges. Exchanges are in a week so I guess my time could be closing soon. Well carry on and read all of conference again! Mom could you send me a copy of the conference ensign?

Love you!
Sister Huber

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hello Rain. 4/1/2014

Hey Hey Hey!!!!!
It is just another week out here in Encinitas:) I am kinda pumped right now because I just sat by the ocean and felt the breeze and it was beautiful. I am now all jazzed about life. No wonder so many people think the ocean is enough around here....but it is not enough. You still really need God because He gave us that beautiful ocean.  
Ok, I loved the women's broadcast. Like so much. Our Margot came with us and really enjoyed watching it. I am just so grateful for inspired leaders who lead and guide this Church through revelation.
We taught the Word of Wisdom to Erin and family. It was great to promise so many blessings to them as they start to live that law. I can't wait to see the progression in them as they move forward. It is a long path, but it is so worth it. We had them write down things they are missing out on now and things they will miss in the future if they don't change their behaviors. It really puts in perspective why God gave us commandments. He really is just trying to bless us.
We went on exchanges and I got to hold down the fort here. It was kinda fun to be in charge. We talked to a lot of people that day and I got to work on my contacting skills. I am trying to give out lots of Books of Mormons everyday. We are starting to recognize lots of people and make friends all over. That is such a huge step in missionary work! People have to know you care before they will want to listen to you.
Story time: We have this friend that we see all the time:) She lives in the apartments and we see her when we are knocking or whatnot. We asked if we could teach the first time we saw her and she said no she was happy. Now we just talk and have gotten to know her children and friend. This week we saw her on the bus with a bunch of bags and offered to help carry them. She was so grateful and said God sent us because she really needed help. We smiled and carried her stuff in. Along the way we learned that her birthday was the next day. We of course had to do something! We got flowers and wrote a note and went to drop it off the following day. She was not home but her friend invited us back for cake and said she would be so happy we came. We went back and sang to her and took a picture and it was so fun to see her smile. If we hadn't gone, nobody would have sang her happy birthday. She calls us her girls and we cant wait to see where our friendship takes us.
We had an amazing lesson with a recent convert who is 15. She is one of my favorite people and just so strong. no one else in her family is Mormon and no one really supports her. We see her every week and I am amazed at how close to the spirit she is. She asked us how to be more modest and things like that. She just gets it. I promised to come be here when she goes on her mission. We text her thoughts everyday so when her family is being rude and mean to her, she can be strong. What an example she is to everyone around her.
I bagged coffee for 3 hours for service....kinda ironic really.
I can't wait for general conference!! Everyone get pumped to watch it! I want to hear everyone's favorite talk. I am giving a training tomorrow for my district so I have been working on preparing that.  
Well Love ya all!
Sister Huber

His Strength is Enough‏ 3/24/2014

So first off, some business to get out of the way. Mom, can you send me my plaque scripture? I don't even know what it is and that is kinda sad. Second, I met Ryal Cameron. Do you know who that is? I guess he is very very very rich and friends with Bill Gates and the likes of him. I contacted him on a bus. It was an interesting situation. Why he was on a bus, I will never know.
EVERYONE HERE IS RELATED TO ME OR KNOWS SOMEONE FROM CASTLE ROCK. I feel like all my worlds crash down on me almost every single week. This week I got to met, Elaine Lewis and Anne Katharine Pingree. Then I got a picture with the Barton girls, whose relative live in Castle Rock and knows dad. It really is crazy. I gotta be on my game all the time because I figure at this point, everyone I talk to either is related or knows my family.
Sorry if this is hard to follow....Try your very best:)
It was actually amazing to meet Sister Lewis. We were invited by another elderly women in the ward to have dinner with her in the La Costa Glen retirement dining hall. Sister Steele, the one who invited us, is super outgoing and I love her. She rounded up all the sisters in the place that are LDS and got them to dinner. I had actually had a thought earlier that day about Sister Elaine Lewis. I knew that Deborah Lewis had told me before I left that her mother in law lived in my mission. I had told the Lewis's that I would find her and talk to her!  Of course I had no idea if that would ever actually happen but I hoped it would. Well as we were walking and knocking doors I had randomly thought: I wonder if Bishop Lewis's mom lives in La Costa Glen. I had mentally made a note to look through my directory again and see if I found her name. It was a long day with no car so by the time dinner came we were very tired and just wanted to sit and have a break. We came in way late and the elders and them had already started. I sat down and started talking to the women on my left. About ten minutes in I turned to met the women on my right who my companion had been talking with. She asked where I was from and I said Castle Rock Colorado. She got excited and told me, she lived there. Instantly I knew who she was. It all clicked in my mind. I said, Sister Lewis! She nodded and I told her how I knew her. We both were so excited and hugged right in that moment. I knew that God wanted me to meet her and to talk with her. I know that I was called to this specific area for many different reasons, her being one of them. It is such a testimony builder to see all these people that God is allowing me to meet and showing me that He really is in control.
Hmm lets see.....It is either blazing sun or super cloudy this week. We need a happy medium. We are working really really hard. Like doubling the amount of lessons being taught in this area. We increased the new investigators per week by 400%. It is great to work hard, but it is also hard to work hard:) I guess that is the way of life though. 
The dynamic of this place is changing because summer is coming....spring break=lots of visitors. It will be interesting to see how that all goes. People are just so noncommittal sometimes.
I don't even know what to say because there is so much I could share....It was like the best week yet though! I am doing a major investigation on medical marijuana and the church stance. Nobody has an actual answer on what the deal with orally taking it for health is. I will get to the bottom of it though! Bonus information: people can get baptized if they are taking marijuana for cancer or something....the line is just unclear on what is actually "medical". I know you are all super interested in my research. sorry about the tangent.
Margot is doing really well. We taught her about the prophets and ten commandments.  Erin is also great! She is coming to church every week! We taught her a lesson on a bluff overlooking the ocean....ya I love the ocean. My family of twins is great! Slow because we haven't been able to teach them again but super cute and still letting us come. They will hopefully take off this week.
Ok. This story is amazing. Get ready. Robert. At the beginning of this journey in Encinitas, we went through the potential investigators list. One said: Robert, works at mobile. We had no clue what that meant! So we were getting gas and my companion started to turn into the first gas station. I told her no! Go down to the next one so we can compare the prices....Dad I give you credit for this! She went down and we ended up staying there for the gas. As we were finishing up, a homeless man asked us for some hot chocolate. Sister Grover said ok and we walked in to buy him some. As she was buying it I started talking to the cashier....Robert. At the Mobile gas station....yes I know. Turns out the elders had been talking to him off and on as a friend when they got gas. We struck up a friendship and have been going back every week to say hi. Each week we leave something with him, Like the Book of Mormon. Finally last week we go, Robert, when are you going to let us teach you about Jesus Christ. We set up an appointment and had the best lesson of my mission! We taught in the chapel of the church with an awesome couple from the ward. He is a single dad and just the nicest soul a person could ever meet. He is happy and friendly and so great. He is like my new best friend. We always laugh about something when we are around him. He calls us Sister and Sister :) Anyway, there were so many little steps to us knowing him and I know it wasn't an accident.
We set a wedding and baptismal date with Erin and Robert!!!!!!! So exciting! Even if I get moved, I will get to come back for it:) And then temple in a year!
I will just leave you all to return to normal life with this thought:
The difference between might and strength?
At first glance they seem very close, but upon further examination we can learn that they are different. In the scriptures the word might is always connected with us as humans. It is used to explain when someone was using all their might to obtain something. Ex: they fought with all their might.
The word strength though is used to show something different. It is always referring to God and what we can do with Him. In Alma 58 it says:
10 Therefore we did pour out our souls in prayer to God, that he would strengthen us and deliver us out of the hands of our enemies, yea, and also give us strength that we might retain our cities, and our lands, and our possessions, for the support of our people.
 11 Yea, and it came to pass that the Lord our God did visit us with assurances that he would deliver us; yea, insomuch that he did speak peace to our souls, and did grant unto us great faith, and did cause us that we should hope for our adeliverance in him.
Study it for yourself because I don't have time to expound! But remember where your strength comes from and what we cannot do with our own might can be done with His strength.
Love you!
Sister Huber