Sunday, April 26, 2015

What a Week!!! 20April2015

 Dennis got baptized on Saturday. It was such an incredible journey we have taken the last three weeks with him.  The day of his baptism we went over to his house before hand and he came running in a little late. The night before we had gone over the priesthood and how he would be given that soon. He ran in a said, "sisters I am so sorry I was late! I was getting my hair cut. I am going to be getting ordained and I have to look good before my God". It was adorable. Then after his baptism he was just so happy. On Sunday he was asking about who made sure we kept the rules as missionaries. We informed him that we were accountable for ourselves a lot of the time. He said that he was tempted to drink coffee and then he said, "But I have made a covenant with my God and nothing is worth breaking that over". What a powerful moment to realize that you want to do something out of a desire to keep covenants. After his baptism on Saturday night I asked him what he would be doing. He said he was going to go home and read the Book of Mormon for an hour, write down his feelings and sleep like a baby because he felt so clean and free. He scanned his program and sent it to his family in Kenya so they could know he was a changed person. As he puts it, no more living like an animal for him! He found his purpose.
 We were walking down the street one day and this big giant tire comes rolling down the road…. Some man up the street is loading a dune buggy type thing into is truck and does not notice his tire leaving him. I call out and said, “Is that your tire?” He jumped up and we begin to chase this thing down. It was really quite funny. Maybe you had to be there.
 James is doing pretty well. He got into some anti-stuff but then again, who doesn’t? I can take on any question at this point, I’ve heard them all. I almost like it….I know I shouldn’t but I can’t help but enjoy myself sometimes. He is intent on reading which is key and he actually came to church!!! And brought a friend!!!! It was awesome. I was telling the member who came to the lesson that he is my best student because he always reads. I said he got an A+ and he goes, “well maybe an A- because I’m not baptized.” True that James, true that. At least he knows what we are there for, right? I am at a point in my mission where I have no time to mess around or beat around the bush. Not that I ever really did that anyway. The gospel is just too important for anyone to take it lightly.
 We have a new investigator named Michael who we taught and then he came to church. He is set for baptism on the 9th of May. Include him in prayers please. I want to teach some females but it doesn't seem to happen for me.
 I learned this week even more of the why behind my current companion and area. I have these moments where so many things become crystal clear for me and I am grateful for those moments. They sustain me and keep me going. It’s like for an instant I can see without the world blinding my sight. I am so grateful for good people and good hearts. I love this gospel and I decided I was born to be a missionary.
In my whole mission I don’t know if I have ever faced so many hard challenges or had some many hard moments as I have this transfer- but I also know that I have seen more miracles and received more blessings in the last 4 weeks then I thought possible. God will always compensate our struggles if we turn to Him. Include Him in everything and you will come to know that He was already involved in everything.
Love you all

S Huber

Friday, April 17, 2015

6April2015 pictures

Another week! 13April2015

Vista is a great place to be a missionary. I am getting quite a tan out here and talking to 150+ people a week on the streets. Some days my mouth is so tired from moving when I get home…. I never thought I would say that :)
Last week we started teaching a man named Dennis. He is from Kenya and came here 5 years ago. The sisters talked to him outside of his house back in December but he was never taught. I saw his name in the phone and I felt like I should text it and ask if he would meet up with us. He agreed and we headed over one night with a member from the ward. Long story short, he is getting baptized on Saturday! Teaching him has been a privilege and blessing. He gave up drinking alcohol every day after coming to conference that first week and didn’t relapse once. He is reading the Book of Mormon in English and his native tongue every day and loves to meet. At church on Sunday he remarked that he felt like he had come home. The speaker was talking about the prodigal son and he leaned over and said to me, “Sister Huber, I was lost but now I am found!” I just smiled because he is right, anyone who makes in into the church building on Sunday is found. I asked him if he had prayed to know if the Book of Mormon was true and he said, “This book is true. It teaches me about Christ so I know that it is true”. One other thing, Dennis is determined to be in the Mormon Tab Choir in 5 years from now....I told him to go for it! We were sitting in the building and he goes, "Sister Huber, I am the only black person here". At the very moment the screen scanned to a black member of the choir and I put my hand up and pointed. He started laughing and decided it didn't really matter what anyone looks like because we are all children of God.
Stacy’s baptism was wonderful and the spirit was felt so strongly. She started laughing as she got out of the water and just wanted to hug everyone she saw. She said she was deeply moved by her baptism. It was great to be a part of that and to help her understand the testimony she already had.
Another miracle is that Wilson and Carmen got baptized! I got to call Wilson on the phone because they were hesitant about going through with it. We talked for 40 mins and I was able to answer his questions and calm his fears. The next day I drove up to Temecula to see it happen! Afterwards they both were so happy and told me they felt clean and thanked me for all I did. I was so glad I got to go back and be there for them. What humble and faithful people they are.
We were trying to decide where to go one day and I felt strongly that I should read through the former investigators in the area book. There were 50 plus sheets and I knew we only had time for one or two. I prayed and then picked three names to stop by. The first name I had picked was a lone house on a busy street by some apartments in the rougher part of town. We knocked the door and a man covered in tattoos opened. We found out that the person had moved and before we left I asked him if we could share our message with him. He hesitated so I asked again. This time he said yes and gave us his info. The next day we taught him and he then came to conference! The reason I share this all though is because of what happened the next lesson. He didn’t want to meet at his house so we met at the public library. We brought a couple form our ward and reserved a room to meet in. It was perhaps the most powerful lesson I have ever been a part of. In that little room in the library we felt the spirit so strongly. When it came time for me to share the first vision I opened my mouth to speak and instantly the room and entire library went entirely silent.  I can’t really explain what happened but one second there was buzzing and beeping and noises from outside the room and the next it was 100% quite. It was like a blanket was put around the room. I shared the account and then the noise started back up. It was a powerful reminder to me of the importance of Joseph Smiths prayer and the answer he received.  James, the investigator, is faithfully reading 3+ chapters a day in the Book of Mormon and I can’t wait to continue to teach him.
This whole week was full of right place, right time moments. I am getting pushed and pulled in ways I haven’t my whole mission and I am grateful for the chance to grow and finish strong. I am grateful for the sacrament and the chance to repent. Trying to make it a practice to sincerely repent every day this week has helped me so much.

Love you all!

S Huber

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

30March2015 - New Area

I got transferred to the Vista 3rd ward! I have very little time today but I will try and fill you all in. 

We have a miracle baptism tonight! We went and taught her my first day here and she passed her interview last night. She had been previously taught.   She is epileptic and actually had a seizure in sacrament meeting......Kinda took me by surprise since I was not told before hand.....ya that was an adventure I will never forget.   

The ward is AWESOME! I feel so lucky. I am getting used to Vista since is it VERY different then the other places I have been.  I think I have a lot of lessons to learn here. 

I love being a missionary and I am doing well! My new companion is awesome and has been out only 4 months. I took her tracting for the 1st time this week. We will have lots of firsts together. 


Love Sis Huber