Thursday, January 29, 2015

:) 01/26/2015

I wake up happy and I go to bed happy. I am just so happy. I just love being a missionary. 

I believe in angels. I believe in moments that we can't explain away or logically understand. I believe the God protects His missionaries. It was the end of a very very long day. We had gone on exchanges and we both very tired and had a lot on our plates and on our minds. We were driving home in the dark along a road we travel often. I was the driver. I needed to change lanes and I put on my blinker and glanced at the mirrors. I turned the wheel hard to quickly change lanes. The moment I cracked the wheel a car whizzed past us in the lane I was headed for. A car that I had not seen. I looked down at my hands on the wheel, it was still turned sharply. I looked at the road and the car I was driving. We had not turned even a little bit. We were still traveling in the lane we started in. I know that I turned the wheel but that God didn't turn the car. I know that I should have hit a very fast moving car. I know that God protects His missionaries.

I got a letter from Lucas, my Chinese convert in Del Mar.  It was a blessing to hear from him. He is loving the gospel. He tanked me for my time and commitment to the truth. I am grateful for perspective and the ability to see literal change in a person. I hear he also tried to walk on water this last week after studying that story, haha gotta love that. 

We met with a general authority as the leadership this week.  His name is Elder Nelson of the seventy. It was incredible! He talked for a long time about after our missions. He talked of getting married and families and callings. It was quite the speech really. He said we receive revelation as we are acting and moving forward. Therefore, if we want to receive guidance and help in finding the correct spouse, we better be actively dating and trying to find them. He said that we had to do this AS SOON AS WE GET HOME. We were all kinda taken aback just because its not really on our minds at all but I guess it makes sense. He said he told his son this and it took him over 2 years to actually get married but the entire time he was searching and looking and actively preparing for it. He said the best safeguard against going less active after a mission if to get married to someone who love the gospel more then you do. It gives you the accountability and drive that we feel as missionaries.  So there you have it. Take it for what it is worth but remember it came from a General Authority. 

One other thing he talked about struck me so powerfully. He talked about "lost things" I will include my note next week for you all. This week I ran out of time :( 

We have some amazing investigators and some really amazing things happening here in Chaparral. Trinity and Sharon are getting baptized over the next two weeks and hopefully Christian and Efrain as well. Pray for them please. 

The temple is the most amazing place to receive answers and peace. I actually get to go there this week! YAY! 

Quote from the week: "the things that seem uncertain now will seem certain in the future". Elder Nelson 

Sis Huber 


Hello all,

What a week this has been. What a month this has been to be fair. Actually no, what a year this has been :) I am officially in old lady status on my mission. 

This week Michelle got baptized. It was amazing. I taught her at the very beginning of my mission with Sister Grover. She was finally ready this week after having an amazing story of really being converted while in jail. She has turned her life around 180 degrees.  I saw her give up about every type of drug and substance and start to believe. I love her so much and being there was a treat because I spent so much time and energy thinking of her for so long in Encinitas. 

Remember Erin anyone? If you go back to the start of my mission I am sure you will find her name everywhere. She is the mom that I found and starting teaching back in Encinitas a year ago.  When we taught her she was totally really for baptism and had a testimony she just needed to get married and stop smoking. She has now been married and this Saturday I get to go down to her baptism. It will be an unforgettable day for me. 

We found an amazing new investigator who we taught and set a date with for Feb 7th. Her name is Sharon and the gospel is exactly what she needs. She is about 70 years old and actually wanted to go to church in Arizona back when she was a single mom but her teenage daughter threw a fit. We brought an older women from Germany to teach with us. I love this particular member a lot. She is a powerful convert herself. After the lesson as we walked out the member said, "you ladies sure know how to teach. That was so powerful. If I didn't already have a testimony I would have had one after that!" It was such a  kind comment that reminded me how powerful the gospel is to all people. 

My companion told me, " we are on the same page you're just a lot farther down then I am!" It was super funny. I have so much going on in my head all the time and sometimes I forget that people don't think as fast or about as many things as I do. I am trying to figure out how to change that. I know that God has greatly increased my ability to handle information and situations. My mind is like a full time office with all the different employees. It probably explains why I can't sleep soundly through the might- I can't stop thinking! Don't worry mom, its not a problem, just an observation. 

We taught this convert who started Jewish and then became Catholic and then became Mormon. WHEW! Thats a lot of things. She said something profound about her conversion process. She said, "my testimony came very quickly as soon as I opened myself up to the possibility". We just have to open our hearts and then the spirit will do EVERYTHING. I love that so much about this church and my current line of work :) 

We had an incredible lesson with Greg. He has a family of 6 and all of them are going to be Mormon shortly. Pray for them please. 

Trinity is getting baptized on Feb 1st. Christian and Efrain on Feb 7th and Sharon on the 7th! Keep them all in your prayers please! We are hoping to set more this week as well. 

Gotta love the truth. It is the easiest thing ever to share because hello, it will actually do all the things it claims to do. 100% guarantee. 

We are also trying to teach this man who owns his own clothing line. it is called Death Trap Dress To Kill......super duper classy :) haha I am going to get a shirt for you all. I hope you will wear them. 

Sis Huber 

What a Week! 01/12/2015


We had a crazy crazy week. I spent 8 hours in the ER, not for my own self, but for another sister. I was dubbed the most capable of speaking with doctors. Those places are not fun to sit in all day. I also have now become corn free and gluten free. 

The important things are this: 

1) Joana got baptized!!!! It was awesome. She has changed so much and I am so grateful that I got to see her journey. She was cracking me up because she bowed after she came out of the water and clapped for everyone. I will never get to teach another person quite like her. I know that church is true and I know that the gospel changed lives. Every person needs the gospel. 

2) I will hit my year this week. :( 

3) I got to teach some amazing people this week in my area. We have a few baptisms coming up in our ward. Mostly with part member families. I love teaching them because it is such a blessing for a family to be joined in the gospel. 

4) I have a gang of 10 year old girls that have become my best friends. I even got talked into going to primary with a few on them this week. That was an adventure. My respect goes out to primary teachers everywhere. 

5) All the stories I want to share and write about are personal to someone so I probably shouldn't. Total cop out but true.

6) I created the most beautiful organized white board for my area this week. I love that kind of stuff so much. I figure I should just draw straight lines for my profession. 

7) I am happy and grateful and happy and grateful. And tired beyond anything I have ever felt. I think I am getting old. 

8) This list is about the level at which my mind currently can function. 

9) Esther's boyfriend Efrain is doing awesome and is getting ready to get baptized! Soon they will be working towards the temple as an entire FAMILY! 

Love Sis Huber 

Happy New Year 01/05/2015

Why hello. Its been too long. I am trying to kick myself into gear and get these things written. I have a new companion who is a rock star! I love her so much! Her name is Sister Price. She is from Idaho Falls. (no wonder she is so awesome, mom) We are going down to Del Mar today for a baptism in my old ward and then we have a few ourselves. We are very blessed right now. 

I find myself complementing life a lot lately. I wonder how I would have ever been the person I am meant to be without being here right now. I have had many confirmations about my calling to be a missionary in Carlsbad California.  Most of them recently are actually regarding companions. I know I was sent to be with certain people and that for the rest of my life I will be responsible to be there for them. 

We are teaching the cutest little family. They are half African American and the 3 little boys have curly hair and are to die for. They are 4,5 and 9. The littlest boy's nickname is Sumo. We went and taught about faith and how it can grow. We had those capsules you put in water and it dissolves and becomes an animal shaped sponge.  We went back the next week and Sumo runs in the room and goes, "I lost my faith!". We are starting laughing so hard as we figured out that he meant his sponge from last time.  He turns to his mom and goes, "Will the sisters bring me more faith?" Why yes, yes indeed we will :) I really love them and I am excited to teach them. 

We started teaching Esther's friend. It is kinda complicated so I will try and explain. It is the father of the youngest daughter and who she was living with but moved out from in order to get baptized. Follow? Anyway they are Mormon style dating now and it is way cute. He will totally get baptized in the next 5 weeks or so. Esther is so strong. She yelled at Efrain, the one we are teaching, because he was eating food in front of her children on fast Sunday. Then she remembered that he knows nothing about fast Sunday......haha it was great. 

We picked up an amazing new family to teach! Parents and 4 kids. I CANNOT wait to see where they go. I have such a good feeling about them. Pray for Greg and his family. 

We had MLC and I gave the training on member work and planning with that mindset. I always love getting to train along side my mission president. I absolutely adore President Kendrick. I got to sit down with him for a quick interview and I just can't say enough about what he has taught me. He asks how our families are, how our companion is, how healthy we are and how our teaching pool is.  I answered that all were great. He goes, "Sister Huber, let me get this right. Your family is good, you feel healthy, you enjoy your companion and you are teaching. Not to mention that you live in Southern California. Sister Huber, what more could you possibly want?" NOTHING. I want nothing more then what I have been given. I want nothing more because I have everything this world could offer me that actually will mean anything in the world to come. 

One of my dear investigators from my first area, Encintas, actually got married!!!! Remember Erin? So now she can get baptized!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEST NEWS EVER!!!!!!! 

GUESS WHAT! IT actually snowed here! It hasn't snowed in 10 years and that was a touch of white. This hasn't happened for 29 years. We were all dying with joy. I made a snowman and a snow angel. I also freeze nearly to death every single day though. IT IS SO COLD. 

I am so happy to know all of you!!!! Have a GREAT AND BLESSED 2015!

Sis Huber 


So my companion went home 5 days ago....and I don't have a new one. I have been living out of a bag and sleeping on different floors every night.  I can honestly say I have never been so exhausted as this in my entire life. I have become the traveling STL until transfers. I love you all!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for everything.

Merry Christmas 12/24/2014

This week was AMAZING! I had two baptisms, Kiannah and Suzanne. 

Suzanne is from the YSA ward in Del Mar. She is a marathoner and probably the happiest person I know. I was lucky enough to be the first one to teach her and invite her to get baptized. After I left they keep teaching her and on Saturday she got baptized! I got to speak on Christ and Christmas and coming unto Him through baptism. It was great.  I love her so very much. She is one of the perpoe I miss all the time. 

Kiannah is Esther's daughter. She is 12 and a very special person. She was so ready to learn about the church and to get baptized. She is going to be my life long friend. I told her that I will be there when she becomes a missionary. 

I HAD A MIRACLE! Nobody in our mission gets to go to the temple and see the lights because it is out of the boundary. Nobody. Not one soul. And then on Monday President came and gave my companion her exit interview and  gave us permission to take Esther and her family to the temple. We were floored. I am so grateful he trusts so much. It was the highlight of my mission thus far. It felt so good. It was their first time at the temple and we got to talk about what it meant and how they will go inside. They are literally my family. Esther was crying and we were all so overwhelmed at the goodness of God. That is what Christmas is all about. 

I love missionary work! I will try and catch up next week! 


Sis Huber

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


This week has been indescribable. Really, I can't even think of what to even put down. Most of the things aren't good things- life just seemed to keep happening to everyone all at the same time. I will just tell you stories instead. 

Esther. She is amazing. We are over at their house teaching her daughter who is getting baptized this week, and we start talking about the word of wisdom.  Esther pops her head out of the kitchen and proceeds to tell us that she was a hard core smoker up until the day of her baptism....... she didn't tell us she smoked! She smoked the day before she got baptized!!! She then proceeded to tell us how she hasn't touched a cigarette or smoked since her baptism. She went totally cold turkey and she said it was easy. She doesn't have a single craving or desire. Is that not incredible? She gave up so many things and God has made her so strong to help her. I love and adore her family. I think they are my saving grace right now in this area. 

We were contacting at the lake in our area and it was dark and late. We walk up to these two young men who were fishing. One of them ended up being Mormon so we taught his friend with him. I asked about the fishing and said I really wanted to see them catch a fish. About a minute later a bell went off and a line had a fish on it. They let me reel it in and even get it out of the water! I then had to touch it to get a picture. It was so nasty but I was proud of myself. It was a fun moment. I got to fish in two ways :) 

Me and my companion memorize scriptures together sometimes. Lately it has been this 

Alam 26: 35 Now have we not reason to rejoice? Yea, say unto you, therenever were men that had so great reason to rejoice as we, since theworld began; yea, and my joy is carried away, even unto boastingin my God; for he has all powerall wisdom, and allunderstanding; he comprehendeth all things, and he is mercifulBeing, even unto salvation, to those who will repent and believe onhis name.
 36 Now if this is boastingeven so will boast; for this is my lifeand my light, my joy and my salvation, and my redemption fromeverlasting wo. Yea, blessed is the name of my God, who has beenmindful of this people, who are branch of the tree of Israel, andhas been lost from its body in strange land; yea, say, blessed bethe name of my God, who has been mindful of us, wanderers in astrange land.
 37 Now my brethren, we see that God is mindful of every people,whatsoever land they may be in; yea, he numbereth his people,and his bowels of mercy are over all the earth. Now this is my joy,and my great thanksgiving; yea, and will give thanks unto myGod forever. Amen.

We will randomly just start saying it all the time. I love it though because it is so true. We have great reason to rejoice and celebrate! Go watch He is the Gift on It is amazing! We share it with everyone we meet.  

This week will be a whirlwind with two exchanges and three baptisms. And I guess Christmas is coming soon! I love this time of year! 

Love Sis Huber 


This week was fantastic! 

For starters- my birthday. I have wonderful friends who threw me a surprise party. They got food and lots of random gifts for me. It made my day! Then as a district we all went to a casino.....haha It is a famous casino buffet and we got permission to go. A member owns it and got us in for free. It costs 37 dollars a person normally!!!! It was sweet except I was sick, so I ended up getting a blessing and not eating much. 

Next, I meet with Elder Ballard and got to receive some amazing counsel and edification. I have been so blessed in my mission. They asked all the leadership, so about 40 of us, to come meet with him. I got to sit on the front pew of the chapel and talk directly to him. AMAZING. He talked about how sometimes we all get discouraged. Sometimes we want to sit down or take a break. He talked about how tired we all feel. He then got really quite and pulled out a worn and used picture of Jesus Christ from his pocket. He looked down at the picture and with tears in his eyes said, "whenever I feel that way I just look at our Savior and suddenly I don't feel so tired or overwhelmed anymore." It was a very strong and powerful moment for all of us. I have taken to carrying a picture of Christ in my planner so I can stop and look at it throughout the day as I need too. I invite you all to take a picture of Christ with you wherever you go as well. He also talked of going to Gethsemane. He said we need to go there every single day so that we can really understand our Savior. I think that this can mean a lot of different things but one interpretation I have is that we need to literally do as Christ did. He bore all He was asked to bear-sins, pains, weaknesses-and then He cried out for help to His Father. He was sent an angel to strengthen Him and He continued to do what was asked. He finished His task. We have to bear whatever it is that we are given and then as we willingly bear it we must cry out to our Father for help. We will be strengthen and helped. I know that we will all be better and more able as we go in our minds to Gethsemane every day. 

Esther got baptized this week. It was a very special moment for me. I know that this was the start, in two weeks her children are getting baptized and then in a year or so I will be in the temple with them all. This is my family. I instantly felt connected to her when we meet. I love Esther. She is currently a single mom with four kids. She is so strong and had a powerful witness of the church. She said when she got baptized and the gift of the Holy Ghost she felt is coursing through her whole body. She just sat in the chair for a minute after it was over to take it all in. Her boss at work introduced her to the church. He is an amazing member missionary. He lead her and guided her and helped her. And now he baptized her. How amazing is that? We can all do that! 

I love being a missionary!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Leah, you rock. Have a great week! 

Love Sis Huber