Monday, January 27, 2014

Don't Be Sick or Exhausted, Just Very Tired! -Elder Holland 1/27/2014

Hello! Time is flying by me now and I leave for California tomorrow! I have loved all that I have learned in the MTC and I'm so grateful for it. I love that quote I put as the title because that is what I'm living right now. I roll out of bed at 6 every day and fall into it at 10:30. During gym time we play hoops as a district! Its awesome! Best break and release of emotions ever. I am the reigning champion of knock out and hold that title very proudly, but not with pride:) So forgot to mention, but I was called as sister training leader last week. It is the equivalent of a zone leader for the sisters. I have LOVED this call and it has really helped me turn out and teach all the time. I'm grateful for how many times I get to bear my testimony and teach and interview the other sisters. My branch president told me that I would have many leadership positions in the course of my mission so to get used to it. Ha well I guess that will be good. I have learned this last week of my love of teaching. I have had the chance to teach a few different investigators while at the MTC and it had made me so excited to get out into the field. I feel so blessed because I never feel fear or scared when I teach. I get into lessons and feel totally calm and peaceful. I know this is a blessing because most people aren't like that. I love the inspired questions and testifying of what I know to be true. It's a great feeling to say something and then feel so strongly that its true. I had a chance to really try and learn balance with my companion. She is a lot quieter then me and struggles in lessons. She will totally freeze up and not say a word. I have just been praying for her and loving her as much as I can. I know God is helping me because I don't feel any kind of annoyance at her like I would have before. I finally decided that I needed to let her totally lead a lesson. It was so hard for me to sit back and let the pauses happen. I killed me because I had so many things to say and I knew exactly where to go. BUT I know she is entitled to the same spirit as me so I trusted that she could do it. It was the roughest lesson we have had but I know that for her is was crucial. She is growing and and it is awesome to see. I'm glad I can learn all these things now. I am learning that this life is a hand crafted experience just for each of us. I have found great peace and answers in the hymns and encourage all of you to read those words if you ever are searching for anything. I know the best coping strategy to any emotion is turning outwards and serving. I know that when I cry out to my God to have my cup removed, He reminds me that just like Christ sometimes the only way is to drink it. I know Christ did it alone so that when I do have to drink the bitter cup i'm surrounded by His love and help. I know in these trials and heartaches God is simply saying, my dear dear child, I know you perfectly and I love you completely. I will drink your bitter cup with you because I already have tasted of its pain. I can answer any pleading any cry because I am always there. He is the Redeemer of the world the healer of my soul. I want to live like Christ did. I want to to love as he did. I want to feel of His grace and mercy. I want to let His light come through me. Because I want these things I am called to His work. My desire makes up for any imperfection and allows Christ to stand by my side. I am ready to allow him to sanctify me. I really gained a testimony of the power of the baptismal invitation on the first lesson this week. I know that we invite not because they are ready, but because it gives them something worth working towards. I know if Christ was there He would offer it and I am acting in His name. Thank you for being a great support and for praying for me! Love ya all lots, Sister Huber

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