Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Carry on the work 2/19/14

Hello, So this week we had a crazy lesson with K. We taught revelation and tried to focus on Baptism. What happened instead was a whole lot of concerns came out. That is good! Then we can address them and help her. I can’t wait to see where she will get to this week. It is hard because some of the questions she asked are really hard to answer. They take a lot of faith to live and a lot of faith to accept. I am learning that faith is always going to be required because some of the commandments will always be hard for us to totally get. We have to trust that God knows best and that He loves us enough to only give us things for our benefit. I have lots of thoughts, questions, concerns and feelings swirling around in my head from this week. There is so much sadness in this world. Some days I feel like it is all around me. I am so grateful for the Atonement and for a loving God who can heal sadness. It seems to me that every marriage out here is broken. It breaks my heart. I have visited so many families who are hurting and suffering. The amount of divorced women is really high and the amount of single moms is really high. I know that the gospel of Jesus Christ can heal all pains and give hope to all. I am grateful for my knowledge and the chance to try and spread some of that joy with these people who need it so much. On Valentine’s Day we heart attacked some of our investigators doors. It was so fun! It really has to be love that drives your missionary service. I love these people and that allows me to feel the spirit and try and help them come closer to Christ. I know I am becoming such a stronger person through this mission. We were teaching about the word of wisdom and I was able to bear my testimony on obedience and allowing God to bless us through acting in faith. I feel such a powerful spirit when I bear witness of things I know. I have really focused this week on becoming consecrated and giving up everything for God. I am trying to take His will upon me and only think of the things He would want. I have seen Him bless me for my efforts and I just want to be better and be more like Christ. I hope I can continue to learn how to think like Christ would and act always in accordance with God's will. I have gotten blisters from walking 8+ miles a day, sun burnt, been freezing cold, rained on, cursed at, threaten, and on and on, and quite honestly, I have never been so happy. To all who say no, thanks for sending me on to the one that will say yes. To all who are doing this same work or their own version of this work, I say carry on! Smile. Be cheerful and do all you can do so that God can show forth His power through our meager efforts. I sure don't know much, in fact I really don't know anything, but I do know that God loves me. I know that He loves all those broken families. I know that He loves all those people who feel lost or alone. I know He loves all His children. And when I walk in His footsteps, I am qualifying myself to one day stand in His presence. I am grateful for the journey and for the chance I have to help others on their path. I love you all! sister Huber

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