Friday, February 14, 2014

I will go. I will do. Because I know. 2/10/14

Hello all! So update from Del Mar. I love, love, love the ward that I am working with. They are all so fantastic and really willing to help with the missionary work. That makes it so nice to find people to teach with. The families are really strong and it makes me want to have that kind of family some day. I know that this mission is preparing me to be ready to have a family and raise them in the church. I think about that a lot when I am getting tired or sick of knocking doors. I realize more than ever that all I really want in this life is to be a mom and have a family. I know in order to get what I really want, I have to be willing to learn and grow and trust in God. It makes me so sad because there are sooooo many broken marriages and single moms that we visit. I just can't even describe the pain that I have already seen and felt from these women who lost so much. I am so grateful for my family. I know how rare it is to have a family, all active and strong in the church. Being in the field is hard. BUT it is also so worth it and rewarding. I realize I will knock 100's of doors if it means I can find one person to teach. I am in a very rich area so people are rude and don't listen.....every area is hard in its own way. But I love it!!!! I just feel so good and happy when I'm talking and teaching.(we also have some apartments which are like gold to us) I am so lucky because we have people we are teaching. This Sunday my investigator K came to church with her little 2 year old E. Her daughter is having surgery today and she was so worried for her. She is a single mom and I just love her to death. We offered her a blessing and she willing accepted. It was such a spiritual moment as I got to witness the proper authority of God blessing a child and her mother. She is really moving forward and I can't wait to keep teaching her. We have been struggling to find out her real concern and issues with the gospel. She is struggling with priesthood but also something else. During the blessing I just prayed to know what she was feeling and what she was worried about. I got an answer and I now know what she is feeling. I can't wait to find a scripture and lesson that will help her overcome her fears. I know God will always give us what we need in order to best help His children. We got dropped by another investigator because her aunt won't let us come. It is so sad because she is not really taken care of and has a hard life. I guess all I can do now is pray. Another lady is from Germany and is 87, she is so cute and just talks and talks. We taught the Plan of Salvation and she soaked it up. We had a two day streak of very mean rude people. Every door we went to or every contact we made was negative. I was really thinking about that and I decided to really try and have the spirit and smile always. We went contacting last night and miracles happened! We got three return appointments and lots of good conversation. I know that the people I talk to can see my happiness and that it makes them want to learn more. I have decided that every door that slams in my face will simply make me smile bigger at the next one. Nobody can take away my joy and the hope I have. One guy answered his door and told us he was a love pastor......he was crazy and was just telling us how beautiful we were compared to the elders.....we told him that God loved him and then we left. We get some good laughs out of people like that. One appointment was with a couple who were awful. They just got us in and allowed us to talk for about five minutes before they started going crazy and telling us how wrong we are and how we are mislead by the devil. I could just feel the spirit running out of the room. I just really wanted out. Some people are really just not ready to hear. D&C 123:16-17 I know that when I am cheerful, God is able to pour out His spirit and to reach forth His hand through me. I know that all of us have the chance to be cheerful, no matter the situation, and that God will bless us for our attitudes. The Atonement is for sin- but it is also for feelings and thoughts. It is every pain and every grumpy day. We must use the power of the Atonement every single day in order to come unto Christ. I love my companion and I am so grateful for her obedience. We are seeing miracles because we are trying so hard. I honestly feel like I have been on a mission forever. But some days the thought of 18 months is kind of overwhelming. I guess I will find the balance soon. Happy Valentine’s Day! I love you all! Sister Huber

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