Thursday, June 26, 2014

I'm Back!‏ 6-23-2014

Hello to all,

I am back. It must be Monday. This week was wonderful as usual.
We had some amazing lessons with investigators. I can't actually remember what I have told you in the past so if I repeat forgive me.  I went on exchanges and that is always a change. I am still working really hard to actually enjoy those. It is a struggle. But I am sure they are great and we learn a lot from them. I have to do it again this week.

One thing that has been a blessing is to see how the ward and the less actives have been responding to missionaries lately. They are much more open to visits and meeting with us. We are making strong friendships and being able to help them out better. It is always amazing to see how God places us in the right place at the right time. Some days we end up in an area and meet just one person that really needed us or was open to our message. That to me is a miracle considering that we cover a stake and have lots of places we could be. I believe in planning with my whole heart.

We met this kid named Slater on the street last night. We ended up teaching him a lesson and picking him up as an investigator. He was super nice- he just has a few language issues and a drinking problem. The gospel is going to change his life!!! It is always fun to see them at the start and then to see the change happen. You can literally see a light come into people’s eyes when they start to live the gospel.

We taught another guy we found in a parking lot at Vons. He was super into his church and was telling us tons about it. We shared the book of Mormon and he looked at it with a yearning that was apparent. He picked it up and flipped through it for a moment before handing it back to us and declining.  He said his church preached against the Mormons and that he was told he would go to a bad place if he even talked with us. He said we seemed nice enough to him and that he would love to read, but that he just couldn’t. It was so sad to think that some preacher is telling their congregation false things so that they would be scared to even talk with us. I am glad we were able to at least make an impact on him.

We went to a baptism with some people from the ward and it was incredible. It was a 14 year old boy and his father. I have never seen someone look so happy in my entire life. The boy was grinning and glowing. It made me remember why I was here.

We had a lesson with some people this week on Hope. It was amazing to better understand the concept as I studied and taught it. Hope is an abiding trust in God. It is optimistic and enthusiastic. It requires patient perseverance. It is how we gain greater faith. The scriptures tell us we can have a perfect brightness of hope. I guess that means we can have an optimistic attitude and perfect trust in God. I want to have that.

I am reading the New Testament every day and I love it so much. It is beautiful to read the words of Paul and Peter and John. If you have any extra time you should pick it up and read 2 Corinthians.

I am grateful for my mission. I am grateful for my time to come to know myself and God better. I guess we need 18 months because there is so much to learn and improve upon. May we all keep learning and growing.

Sis Huber

p.s. Mom- that talk was Excellent.

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