Thursday, June 5, 2014

Goodbye to those I love and hold dear‏ 6-2-14

Well it happened this week.

 I am moving away from my home and going someplace new. I'm sure it will be wonderful and I will love it, but it will never be Encinitas. I guess God gave me this place first to carry me the rest of the time. Never have I felt so loved, so needed, so productive, so close to God in my entire life. I became a new person in Encinitas and I will always return here in honor of these days. My ward had a goodbye party for me and so many people showed up. It made me cry just to see all the people that truly loved me and were grateful to me. Sometimes you wonder if you are helping but I know that I really did help people here. More then one person expressed how  I was an answer to their prayers or how I had changed them. It is humbling to see God use me to help His children. Lots of moms said they wanted their children to serve like me and I just smiled. Having no regrets feels so good. Giving 100% feels so good. I look back and see only good in these 4.5 months. I found where I belong in Encinitas. Till we meet again someday.

I have to leave Sister Grover too. They are tearing my entire life apart. She is one of my closest friends. I can't even write about her without crying so I will just stop. There really are no words for what I have experienced and done in 4.5 months. There is no way to describe the change and the emotion that you get to feel on a mission. Maybe one day I will try and write about it but not now.

Robert cried when I told him I was leaving. He bought me a water bottle and gluten free cookies. He told me I was his best friend too and that he prayed for me to stay. He said he would never meet a person as happy as I was. He said my happiness and personality were the reason he keep meeting with us. He said he would get baptized every week so I could keep coming back. I will miss him.

Michelle called us early in the morning the day after we told her I had to go. She was very upset and told us how unfair it all seemed. She said it was not right to make me leave and she had been thinking about it all night. She demanded to know how she could still see me and communicate with me. It was so cute. She promised to do the flowers at my wedding and told me how sad she was. She is darling. I will miss her.

Margot in all her 87 years of life has some spunk. When we told her I had to go she also got mad. She rearranged her schedule to see me and then told me that regardless of who the new sister was, it would never be the same. They wouldn't be sister Huber. I told her to love the new person so hopefully they get accepted. She then told me that I was so special because I had great faith and commitment but also maturity well beyond my years. She said my determination to live what I preached was motivation and touching to her. I love her. I will miss her.

Karol was furious. It was actually quite funny to see how mad she got. She is coming home early from her trip to give me a hug goodbye.  I will miss her.

Erin and Robert left the hospital because Sarah got sick to say goodbye. They told me I would get invited to the wedding this summer! Erin really didn't want me to go and Robert really connects with me but I told them I needed to leave now. Erin said she would go shopping in my new area and come see me. Oh Erin. I will miss them.

I could go on and on but I won't. I just don't ever want to forget these days. Dora my Brazilian friend, Monique and her three kids, Robert Jefferies, Jill and Karman, and on and on. I will miss the Elders I served with and my ocean.

But here is the good part. I am ready to go. Even thought it seems so contrary to anything to be ready to leave, I am. I feel in my heart that my time here is over. I have done all I could/needed to here. Some other sister has something to offer to these people that I don't have. I understand that. I am not jealous or angry or sad. Just overwhelmingly grateful. God answered my prayer and plea that I made at the beginning of my mission and sent me to Encinitas. He very clearly showed me people and places that would impact me and my testimony of Him. I know he is so aware of all of His children. I am excited to see what I get to do next. Right now with my limited perceptive, I can't imagine something so good, but my heart knows it will happen. I have so many more friends to make and hearts to touch. I have so much more change to make inside of me. Change is never easy but it is always worth it. The gospel really is just change. It is becoming better every day and knowing that you can't do it alone. Jesus Christ has walked every step of my days in Encinitas with me and that is the reason it is so special and dear to me-because I found Him here. I love my Savior Jesus Christ. I hope to one day become just like Him. I love my Heavenly Father. I would do anything for Him. Anything. I love being a missionary. I finally feel complete. I found where I belong.  This is my sacred grove and my journey to the promised land.  Of course that journey can't be all peaches and cream. I singed up for betterment so I am embracing what that entails. I will email you all from a new place soon!!!
Till then
Sister Huber

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