Sunday, October 12, 2014

Embrace all change 10/6/2014

The day has come for me to pack my bags and leave my home. I am getting transferred tomorrow out of Del Mar. I will have served ½ my mission in one area. I must have done something right to deserve that.

There is an innumerable amount of emotions and stories and facts and people that I should tell you all, and yet I can think of nothing to actually write down. Goodbyes will never be my strong suit.

Obed told me I was his favorite sister he has ever met and that I was his angel. He said he wished he could have found the church sooner but I wasn’t ready yet to come find him. He said it had to be me. We are different in every possibly way in the worlds eye, and yet we are exactly the same. We are both children of God and we both hope and know there is a bright future. Being someone’s angel is a big responsibility and I am trying to know how I can keep the trust and confidence of him forever. I also determined that I did nothing to deserve this honor, I was simply granted the great opportunity to find one of God’s elect. I do know though that I was blessed because I was willing to walk; blindly in fact, because it was pure faith that drove me out here. Obed is one of the lights that have shown me the proof of my faith.

Robert. I can’t really put words down to talk about this one. He wrote me this note that I will cherish forever. Maybe one week I will share some of it with you. He did say: “God broke the mold when He made you”. Apparently he thinks there is no one else quite like me in the whole world.

Lucas is getting baptized on Saturday; he passed his interview after conference. I know without a doubt that part of my mission in life was to find, teach and bring Lucas to this church through baptism. I know that. He is one of the choicest of choice spirits and he is just one of the many people who will bring the gospel to China. I was privileged enough to teach him from the very beginning. I was the first person Lucas ever talked to about the church about for more than 5 minutes. I remember distinctly standing on his doorstep that first day and asking about his background. He said: I am a hardcore atheist”.  He also said we could come back :) I remember begging for him to pray that first lesson and then getting to listen to someone speak to a God who they didn’t even believe was there but was still willing to ask about. Honestly, I don’t remember tons of the things I said to him as we taught him because never in my entire life have I been so guided and directed by the spirit. I would walk away from lessons amazed at the profound truths and doctrines that I was able to articulate to him through the spirit. God made me so much more for Lucas and I am glad He was able and willing to do so. I never have learned so much about truth as I have while teaching an atheist from china next to a swimming pool in an apartment complex. That was our spot to meet. Faith is praying even when it is so entirely foreign and awkward to you. Thank goodness Lucas accepted my unrelenting invitation to keep trying.  Change is watching something literally overcome a person and make them new. I watched Lucas completely change in 3 months. That is what it took for him to become one of the most devoted and spiritual persons I have ever known. When he prays now, I cry almost every time because of the spirit that is present. Lucas knows who he is talking too because he had to go out and really find Him. I remember when Lucas first believed in Jesus Christ, when he first stopped drinking tea, when he came to church and then kept coming. I know I have seen a miracle. I have seen something that can’t be described or understood completely. When I said goodbye to Lucas today I said: “This is the last time I will stand on your doorstep as a missionary”. He replied, “and next time you will stand here as a friend”. I get to come back for his baptism and I am actually speaking. I hope I can do my friend justice.

I have to go pack up all my thoughts and emotions and clothes and food. Farewell my ocean and cool weather and favorite people. Hello change. Speaking of change, they chopped my hair off. I am learning to embrace all change because apparently I have control over nothing at this point including my own hair.

Sis Huber

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