Monday, February 9, 2015

February 9, 2015


We had an amazing week. Trinity got baptized and it was one of the most touching powerful moments of my mission. She was beaming and so happy. I think though that her dad was beaming the most. He was so PROUD of his little girl and just so happy. Her mom loved it as well and just felt touched by the support and love. It was Sunday evening after church and we PACKED the room. We had standing room only. I love this ward so much. They have become my home. I have never felt so included and like I belong in my entire life. I can't even fathom leaving this place. I would just like to finish my mission here. I am staying for another transfer but we are seeing so much success that they are splitting the ward and adding  elders. That should be interesting.... I am mixed emotions but I am trying to be super excited so the ward will get on board. They love the sisters so much that we are worried the elders will get some push back. alive. He is so cool. He came to church and just ate it up. He said that within 3 minutes of walking in the door he would know if he belonged. Well, he stayed three hours so that is good news. His baptism is going to have a full on motorcycle escort. Highlight of my entire life probably. Sitting by somebody and smelling the faint scent of smoke, it was awesome. I was so glad to have him there. And this ward, man everyone should take lessons from them, they are FANTASTIC. They will love anyone into the church. I am learning so much from them about Christ like love. 

This week has been packed with stuff.  So we've made lots of visits, obviously.  We do that.  haha but something out of the ordinary, we went to mutual on Wednesday and had a missionary moment with our youth where each of them wrote their testimonies on the inside of a Book of Mormon and then gave them back to us to hand out.  Some of them were SO awesome and then some of them contained some false doctrine, so we've made sure to filter through them and pick the doctrinal  sound ones. :)

Sis Huber 

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