Thursday, February 26, 2015


Man alive. I can't keep up with life so this email will be short. 

ERIN WAS BAPTIZED! I taught her in Enicintas and it was a glorious day. It was just indescribably wonderful to be there. Next step, temple in a year with Sister Grover, Erin and Robert. 

Dean: is doing SO awesome! We met with him twice this week and he just eats everything up.  He takes his Book of Mormon and the pamphlets with him everywhere he goes so that whenever he has a minute he can read. He has no shame and will read them in doctor offices and whatnot. His wife isn't interested (yet) and he has a 12 year old son.  We met with him Saturday morning and we asked him if his son would ever have time to sit down with us for a lesson.  He said, "when you have time, he'll have time."  He and his son both came to church yesterday! And you know what his son said when he tried to get him to leave early? "But I want to stay!" And then Dean said, "how about you meet with the missionaries tomorrow after school?"  We got a fist pump from the 12 year old.  Yeah, this kid's getting baptized too. 

Allan: what to say about Allan.... He's also incredible.  Met with him a couple times.  Highlights from the lesson.... He says he's probably in this for the long haul, and was talking about ten years from now when he's at church.  He asks for reading assignments.  He has the most amazing prayers.  He's willing to participate in church.  He loves asking questions and he's willing to work through things in his mind before he plans on "getting outta here".  He met President Kendrick this week as well and that was great. 

Esther is good, full of faith like always. She is paying her tithing even though she has literally no money for her kids. I love her. 

Have a good week!
Sis Huber 

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