Sunday, May 31, 2015


Hi :)

1) I am not sick anymore :)

2) We woke up to run at 5:30 today and we walked outside and there were two raccoons in the tree. Terrifying because I hear those things are mean. I ran away while my companion exclaimed how cute they were.

3) Our mission president called us into the office this week and gave us the keys to a BRAND new car... Like we drove it off the lot new. I have never driven a new car. It even has a backing camera so now when we stand behind the car and back we can dance for our companion's pleasure.

4) Now onto things that actually matter... Arionna got baptized!!!! It was a very powerful experience. When she got up to bear her testimony and told her dream experience, the whole room got totally still and warm. When her friend Eric baptized her, he is waiting on his mission call btw, I felt chills go down my spine. I just knew that the power of God was being manifest by a 18 year-old boy who was trying his best to be good and clean. The power of God is manifest in covenants and without actual physical manifestations of our commitment the gospel is hollow and empty for us. Covenants change our very nature. I am so proud of Arionna and her strength to the hard thing that was right. Now we are working on getting her into BYUI!

5) Insight from J. (ok the insight is now wayyyy down there...sorry)  Update: J. is the man we tracked into at the beginning of my stay here. He was in prison for 22 years and got out 2.5 years ago. He is one of the most insightful and intelligent people I have ever known. Teaching him is a dream for me. He accepted my challenge to read 9 chapters in the Book of Mormon a day. NINE. I have never been so grateful for my countless readings and studies of that book. I have needed every insight and piece of information that I have ever acquired to teach him. I truly have felt the Holy Ghost bring to my memory facts and insight that I can barely remember where I learned it from. I have been able to tell him the lineage of Lehi, diagram the 12 tribes and all the promises and specific prophecy that each event in the Book of Mormon fulfills. I have never loved the Book of Mormon so much. I feel so alive when I get in one of these conversations with him. Things just flow into my mind and I make connections that I never realized I had made before. It is awesome. Anyway, insight, he said "A God fearing man is one who is totally obedient to God and wants to be". Then he said how all he wants is to be a God fearing man but how far from that he is. I think we are all far from truly being willingly obedient.

6) So our investigator D. is trying to stop smoking among other things. We try and set up appointments but have found that showing up is way better with her. It seems as if every single time we show up it is right as she has walked outside to smoke. We find her on the porch about to lite up. The other day she goes, "You keep coming as I go to smoke! Heavenly Father I get the message!" She then said how profound it was to her that we always seem to show up right when she needs us most. I believe strongly that we are sent to those that need us and will accept us. I also believe that God's hand is in every day to day moment if we allow it to be.

7) Our family of 7 is doing good!! Half were at church and the bishop sat down and talked with the whole family and parents. It was so awesome.  Pray for the family please!

8) We picked up a new investigator who is just so amazing. His name is W. and he is an African American man who was a marine for many years. He is the most humble soul I have met. I can not wait to teach him more.

9) D. is great as ever. We showed up for a lesson and he goes, "you are just coming to check on your sheep and make sure I am still eating the right kind of grass." "Don't worry, I am still eating the right kind of grass." haha it was great. The ward has been more then wonderful to him. I am so grateful for all of them.

I am out of time but I have more to share! Next week I guess. Enjoy the ending of May!

Love Sis Huber

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