Sunday, May 31, 2015

Why Hello 18May2015

Why hello!
 "If you understand the Plan of Happiness, what goes on in life won't determine your happiness." Elder Scott. I loved that quote this week. We had some ups and downs and rough patches but after all is said and done, it doesn't seem to matter. I am happy and life is good.
Moments from the week:
 We helped at a funeral and at a baptism. It really put life into a new perspective because of the peace and calm that was at both events. I felt God in both activities and I know death is not the end. Happiness and joy are waiting for us at the end of all of this.
They decided to teach 20 mins of our gospel principles class on why people should feed the sister missionaries and how to overcome the HUGE obstacle of gluten free... I was dying. I just wanted to talk doctrine and they are talking us! This one lady got it in her mind that gluten free was impossible so the whole room had a discussion on possible meal options I could eat. It was just bad. I am grateful for a ward that is so supportive and kind to us though, they treat us so well.
- Arionna is getting baptized on Wednesday!!!! YAY!!!! We had a huge up and down with her this last week. She almost got kicked out of her house by her aunt for the church and different things so we were scrambling to find her somewhere to stay. After lots of talking and praying her aunt and her came to terms and all is well for now. Whew. Ari is so very prepared and can't wait to be baptized!
It RAINED! All week. I think my companion, who is from Washington, brought the rain. We had some major water and lots of puddle jumping in the dark when no one was watching. We have an image to uphold so we had to be careful :)
- We picked up a family of 7! I am so stoked about teaching them and see a lot of potential in them. They have Mormon family and want to get into church. The big obstacles are smoking and some family issues that are hard to overcome. Dad is not to thrilled about this all. So pray for them! Natasha and family.  
- James, someone we have been teaching, got the answer that he should get baptized! In December..... but it turns out he couldn't get baptized until then anyway. So I thought it was pretty cool that his answer was the first possible date he could get baptized. God doesn't want us waiting. I told him I would be back in Dec anyway so it was on! Meanwhile he needs to start attending steps I guess.
Dennis is doing so so well. I will quote a text from him to try and show you how awesome and kind he is to us. “Sisters you're awesome. I thank the Almighty God for bringing you into my life at the 11th hour, that I truly needed help. Now I can only count the many blessings and happiness I experience in my day to day life being sober. I now relate with people better and I'm leading a meaningful life here on earth. You're simply amazing people and keep up the good work you're doing. God bless you sisters!" He took us to a buffet to eat because he simply insisted on taking a turn at feeding the wonderful sisters. He is thrilled about home teaching and can't wait to take his father's name to the temple soon.
 - I was able to take the time and sit down to write some goals out this week. My mission president invited me to do it to finish strong. It was an awesome experience and I was able to feel the spirit very strongly as I really determined what I had left to do out here. Two of the goals, to pray for a minimum of 10 mins each night before bed and to read a minimum of one chapter from the Book of Mormon before bed, have been so helpful! Some days we get home and I am so spent and worn out but being committed to doing those two things has changed my attitude getting into bed and therefore changed my whole day. I know He listens to us when we pray and I know he is waiting to answer us through the scriptures and the Holy Spirit. I plan on never stopping these goals. Life long commitment.   
I love you all!!! I love being a missionary!

-Sis Huber

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