Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Week 5 is ALWAYS the best 5-27-14

Hello one and all,
It is my final week of the transfer! How did that happen? I don't even know. I am 100% likely to start crying when we get the transfer call. If I stay or if I go. I guess I better buck up and get ready for some change.
Encinitas is where Vans started. And some other famous company I just forgot the name of. So cool! This place is rad.
This week has been a whirlwind!!!!! You have no idea. None. First off, we taught 27 lessons which is triple the amount of lessons that this area has been averaging. That makes a soul quite drained. I don't think we will ever have a week like it again. Everything just feel into place.
We are now teaching a family with two severely autistic boys. They are just the cutest things ever. We have 2 to 5 minutes to teach a lesson and very specific rules on what we can and can not do with them. No clapping or loud noises and things like that. It is a great experience for me and I love it. I want to work with children like that when I have my degree. I find myself being my best self around them. They make me into who I actually want to be. I am loving and patient and only they matter. The parents told us it might take awhile for the boys to be comfortable with us. They said the last missionaries had to wait months before the one boy would come over and sit on the sisters lap for a minute or two. Last night as I was leaving I walked over and said goodbye to Sterling who is 9. I got down on my knees and he pressed his forehead to mine and we just stared into each others eyes. I wrapped my arms around him and we stayed like that for a full minute. No words, just a real human connection spirit to spirit. It was as if time stood still for us right then. It was as if we were the same. I love him. As I was leaving the mom just thanked me over and over and gave me a big hug. I am so grateful I could be friends with her son.
We taught Margot a family history lesson! We got on family search and helped her start going. It was so awesome! She loved it and the man from the ward loved it! She is talking about the temple and taking names after her baptism on August 2nd. Unfortunately she is going out of town for July so we have to wait till Aug to have her baptism. But that is ok because it will come soon enough!
Michelle is getting baptized on June 21st. This time it is for real. We set it yesterday and planned it all out. She has weddings every weekend till then. She is so cute and said she would fly to Colorado to do my wedding flowers. I told her to hold her horses because that is not happening for quite some time! But she will be at my wedding along with Robert and Margot and who knows who else! I guess I really do have to get married in San Diego. Half my family is here now!
Erin and Robert and Sarah are slowly starting to come back into progression and the church. They might actually get married in July and then she can be baptized. It is a process. I am learning great patience with this one.
We had so many times this week that we would randomly get to teach someone on the street or that we tracted into. That never happens! We knocked into one lady who is very less active. She said she had started praying 4 days before for the first time in a long time. She said she wanted to come back to church and start living better. Amazing how God sends us to people that need us. We were able to teach her and pray with her and now she can come back to church! YAY!
We got fed cactus......it was so gross. I wanted to barf. I know exactly why I didn't get called to Spanish work. They force feed you nasty food!!! I mean it was very kind of them but I just really didn't want it. Oh well you can be proud because I eat the whole bowl of beans and cactus and spongy meat. Yummy yummy.
Robert Robert. Well he is doing great. Turns out the only reason he hasn't come to church is because he didn't have a car or ride. We chastised him for not telling us. He won't let us get him rides though because apparently he can't burden other people. We tried to explain that nobody is burdened and that we love helping but he wouldn't let us. So he walked 1.5 hours to church. And then he walked 1.5 hours to our lesson. One way. So 3 hours for a 45 minute lesson. I would say he loves the gospel. I would say he is just about the coolest person ever. He is getting baptized June 7th and it will be a glorious day.
I have gained such a testimony of the goodness of people and the truth of the gospel this past week with Robert and Michelle. Both of them have hard financial situations and are very tight with money. Both of them have lots of worries and things that they have to deal with. We taught the law of tithing to both of them this week. I was humbled as both of them, without any questions or complaints, said they would pay tithing when they are baptized. They both embraced it and said that it made perfect sense. They both said of course they would give some of what God had given them back to His church. I am grateful to learn from these choice souls. I don't even think I had that strong of a testimony of tithing before my mission. They taught me that nothing matters more then obeying God commands.
So much to say and tell and no time to do it. Well I love this gospel. I love this church. I don't love cactus. And I sure love Encinitas.
Love Sister Huber

Haircut.....well dye job and cut. ‏ 


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