Monday, July 7, 2014

HAPPY LATE 4th!‏ 7-7-14

Ah man, I have like no time this week……quickie coming your way.
First off, I am so grateful to be serving a mission in this country. I felt very thankful about that this week. It is a huge honor and blessing in my life. I know God is protecting this land and the rights found here.
Did you know that Ether would have been the king?!! That is big news. He would have been king if the people didn’t war and overthrow and all that jazz so often. Just some insight I received while continuing to diagram Ether with Felix this week.  I am turning into a Book of Mormon genealogy whizJ
Amy is still adorable and great. We taught commandments and had great discussion on why certain commandments are so important. It is so easy to understand them once you understand that God only gives us direction to help us move forward. All he wants to do is bless us. He really does love us so much!
Robert has been taught every single lesson now. So now we take him to lessons with us. He helps us teach our other investigators or less actives. Kind of a brilliant idea huh?! He really knows his stuff and always offers great insight. He loves church and says he feel like every time he steps on the church grounds he enters a bubble where the world doesn’t exists. He doesn’t want it to stop ever. I have come to peace with the knowledge that one day he will be ready to get baptized. Maybe there is someone else that he needs to meet before it can happen. Regardless, I know for a fact I needed to play a part in his conversion and I am happy I have been able to do soJ
We are teaching Lucas, the one from China, and he is awesome! Really! He is so sincere and calm. He really seeks to understand. I love teaching him because it is very intelligent talk. I helped him create a formula to gain his desired result last visit. I just felt like nothing else would work and then the spirit helped me to be able to take secular knowledge and fit it into the gospel. All truth is from God! We talked about desires and how we can come to know if there is a God. I love that even though it is very hard for him he prayed three times last week! He said each time he could get farther in his prayer.
Isabella got baptized! I taught her in Encinitas. She is 8 but her parents aren’t active/members and divorced. It was so good to see her smiling face.
Happy late 4th!!!! It was a great day! I got to see about 3 minutes of fireworks as I walked in that night. I walked really really slow. So transfers are next week….jeesh that was fast. I also hit my 6 month mark. What is happening!  
Guess what!!!! I ate that nasty raw fish stuff called sushi!!! I can’t even believe I did that. I was kinda forced into it. It was tuna or something like that. I put the entire thing in my mouth and swallowed. It was a successful week. Now I can relate to my investigators having to do scary hard thingsJ
Everyone is so scared of forever. That is a huge problem. I never even thought about it before but now I think about it a lot. Any insights? So many people are so scared of being married forever that they can’t move forward. It terrifies them. I guess what is the biggest blessing to some people is the scariest part of the church to others. How do you deal with forever?
We had some nice conversations about how we are the devil this week. Always good times. Summer is in the air here and so is a lot more drinking and drugs. I love Moroni 7 because it tells us so clearly how we can tell good from evil. All men are given the ability to do so and it is up to us to lay hold upon those good things. God had granted me a very clear understanding of certain things while here on my mission. I am grateful for that and for the chance to try and bring people to the same clarity. I love you all!

Sister Huber

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