Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Sister Training Leader 7-14-14

Well my goodness….where to begin…..
On Wednesday I got to go to the San Diego Temple. I love that place so much. I can’t really even describe the feelings and thoughts I have when I am at the temple. It is such a renewing experience for me to go. It was sunny and beautiful and just a perfect day.
Oh Thursday morning I got a phone call from my mission president. He asked me if I would be willing to train a new sister coming into the mission tomorrow. After I had accepted that assignment he asked me if I would also accept the call to be a Sister Training Leader (STL). STL’s are the sister leadership in the mission. They are equal with the Zone leaders and oversee the entire zone. I will be in charge of going on exchanges with all my sisters and I will be teaching and training at all the zone trainings and zone conferences. I will also sit on the mission leadership council that happens every month with the mission president. Ya…..I was a little overwhelmed to say the least. When someone takes over a stake area like I am they usually get two transfers with the old companion because it is so much information and area to learn quickly. Not only am I losing my companion but I am also getting a brand new sister and going to be very busy with other sister’s needs. I went up to Vista to the mission office to receive training on how to do everything and every other sister getting called as an STL had been out at least a year.  And none of them were also training. I just sat there taking it all in and trying to decide what I could bring to the table. I thought of my area, which was in shambles a few months ago and needs a lot of attention, I thought of how much time and attention a new missionary needs, and I thought of all the emotional support I will need to give to the sisters serving in Del Mar. Then I thought of all the time and days I will need to spend on exchanges. I will not be able to be with my companion a few days out of the week and she will not be able to be in the area. It is a lot to think about so I went to my zone leader and asked for a blessing. It was such a humbling perfect moment for me. He spoke to every concern and desire I had. He spoke of how this would be a stretch for me but that I was more than ready. He blessed me to be able to gain trust with my sisters quickly and immediately.   He said I would be able to quickly discern my companion’s needs and act to fulfill them. And he said that not one person in my area would fall through the cracks. He said God was aware of what I was being asked to do so every person He placed in my path would be there for a reason. He said that people were being prepared and would be put places that I would find them this transfer. I felt such peace. I am thrilled for this opportunity to grow. I am grateful that I choose to make myself ready for whatever God needs me to do. We all have the power to be great. In fact, greatness literally runs through our veins. We are children of a Heavenly Father. We are divine beings who have unlimited potential. As long as we believe that we will always be reaching higher and farther than before. We will always look up because we know that we belong with Him. We can empower ourselves to allow the greatness shine through. We can accept our Savior Jesus Christ into our life so that we can be made whole. We can embrace the second chances that God wants to give us. I have never spoken with my Heavenly Father in such a deep way as I have this week. I truly have laid my fears, my despair, and my burdens at His feet. I have knelt at my bedside for 30 minutes at a time as I have talked it all out. He listens to every word. He answers every prayer. I have taken to going to bed with a pencil and notepad because of all the thoughts and ideas that flow into my mind after I pray. I will jump up and write them down for the morning. I feel the responsibility and weight of my assignments but I also feel the strengthen power of Christ’s atonement that allows me to bear the weight. What a good week it has been.
We had a musical fireside for the whole stake this week. I played the piano for Savior Redeemer of my Soul.  It was awesome! We did the Restoration through music. Each point of the lesson was a song and had a quick testimony in-between. It was so powerful! It was completely missionary run and it turned out very well. These are some talented people I am serving with. I saw Michelle and Margot at the fireside. I about cried when I saw them, you forget how emotional attached to these people you are. To see them at church with smiles and the spirit in their eyes was just so joyous for me. Robert also came and Amy!
I am so glad the world cup is over. Seriously. I met someone that served in your mission Seth! They loved it. Kate and Mom- Happy Birthday!!! Love ya all. I guess I have officially served 1/3 of my missionL I don’t want to think about that. I am going to be a train wreck when I come home. Sister Grover goes home in 5 weeks……I will be sad to lose her in the mission.
I don’t know what to say! I have so much going on now so I probably will just shorten all my emails. I have to study numbers and things with the mission during computer time. I am feeling better mom! So no worries there. Enjoy this summer! It is a good one.


Sis Huber

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