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Happy November!‏ 11-10-2014

Sorry for the silence for a few weeks, it has been a little crazy over here. I am now in the Meadowview ward in Temecula California. I split the ward with elders and I love it! I have found so many connections already to people and places from home or Del Mar.
We had a total whitewash in the ward which means that we had 4 brand new missionaries come in together. Because of this we had a lot of ground work to do in order to even understand the area and move the work forward. We are teaching quite a few part member families and that is awesome! We are also teaching a few people that we found through our own efforts and through members. It has been slow these last couple of weeks as we have been working to build trust and get to know people. Hopefully now that we are settled things will get more stable.
Our ward mission leader is also brand new but awesome! He has a super cute little family and always starts our meetings off with marriage counseling- we always just sit there and look at each other and nod our heads. Really it doesn't hit home for us right now but I’m sure he intends to save all our future marriages so that is nice.
One big thing that I have been learning is about my own personal need to be 100 percent committed to God and being all that I can be. I was reading the conference talks again and Elder Robbins points out to us this fact when he told us to check and be sure that we are facing God. He said that when we justify our actions or lower our standards to a level of inappropriate behavior deemed fine by the world, we are in a state of apostasy. We must all remember in our lives that we face God and not the world. We care more about pleasing God then being friends with other people. This can be so difficult because we are asked to give up everything, including relationships in some cases, in order to face the right way. I have learned through many different companions and areas that I must always be my best self even if others mock or don’t care to follow. If I do all that I can, I can feel satisfied with my efforts. Elder Teh of the seventy said, “Our priorities, tendencies, inclinations, desires, appetites and passions will have a direct bearing on our next estate.” We must live down here what we want to live up there. We must choose to be lonely in order to be closer to God. Elder Robbins also said, “Jesus Christ was the most fearless person to ever live.” As we become like Christ and follow Him our fear naturally will dissipate and leave us with the ability to move forward in faith. I know this is true and I know that becoming fearless is so crucial and important in this life. Whatever it is that holds you back, scares you, paralyzes you, or stops you from becoming your best-GET RID of it now. Get on your knees and tell God that you don’t want to fear anymore. Tell Him that you know which way you face and that you are now willing to do whatever it takes to truly face that way. Align your appetites, passions, inclinations and very thoughts to God’s will and you will find yourself becoming freed from any fear. You will find yourself becoming like Christ.
There is a quote that I love by President Kimball. It says: “each of us has more opportunities to do good and to be good then we ever use.” How true that is. Anne Marrow Lindbergh said: “My life cannot implement in action the demands of all the people to whom my heart responds.” I feel this way every single day of my life. I fell the tugging of my heart wanting to fix and heal and give to so many people. We must learn to understand our sphere of influence and then do all that is in our power to be good and do good within that sphere. Then we can truly respond to the most people and touch the most human hearts.
I was contacting a man from India this week and he shared with me a beautiful thought.  He said: “if you don’t see God in all things then you don’t see God at all.” That is truth.
By next week I might have a new companion or area so stay tuned. For now I am very happy with being here and working hard. Love you all!
Sister Huber 

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