Wednesday, January 28, 2015



Here we go.

 I had Zone Conference with Elder Teh of the Seventy. It was the greatest thing. I got to meet with him and a small group of leadership before the meeting and it was super inspiring. 

I am getting a new companion and partially new area...again. They took three wards and made a fourth yesterday. This means that everyone got new boundaries and that the missionaries all have to switch people around. It is sad because a lot of the solid people we were teaching aren't going to be ours anymore. on the bright side though, I get to keep some of the investigators and I will get new area to go find in!!!! It is a lot of work and coordinating though so this week should be fun. My companion is going to be another sister training leader so that will be sweet. We will tag team up and cover two stakes/zones now. I will have a ton of exchanges but I will have a companion to do them with and split the load. I am excited for that. I really will miss Sister Robinson though, we both learned a lot from being together and we are great friends. One day we will travel the world together. We go home together so I will at least get to see her on the plan ride home....unless we extend which is a definite possibility. I think I am just going to serve until Seth finishes his mission. That seems like the best option to me:) 

Let me tell you a story. I have been praying very hard to know how to best help my area grow and teach. After days of trying and pleading and thinking I received clear revelation on what we needed to be doing. I felt very strongly that we needed to tract everyday. I brought that up to my companion and we did not see eye to eye on that. But after continuing to feel impressed to tract I asked her if we could just do ten doors a day. She is awesome and agreed to do that. We started praying for miracles. We starting working for miracles. Our area is not a very good area for tacting and we aren't really encouraged to do it around here. Everyone and their dog has a no soliciting sign. One night it was late, around 8:20, and we could either go visit a member or find. We had not knocked on ten doors for the day and I reminded my companion of this and encouraged her to choose to tract. I walked in the very black night, it gets dark at 5 o'clock here:( ,  and knocked on a door. Not interested. Next, no. Next, no answer. The next door had loud noise and music inside. When I knocked a 25 year old guy opened it with a beer in his hand. He invited us in to a big 21st bday party they were having. We laughed and said no thank you but can we come back and teach you about the gospel. He said we could try by later and shut the door. We walked away and got ready to send his contact info to the YSA elders. Right at that moment, as we stood in the cold dark night in the middle of a street, the door opened back up. A man, also carrying a beer in his hands, walked out. He asked us if we just talked with his son and we braced ourselves for him to yell and tell us to never come back. What we got instead was our miracle form our tracting revelation. He said, I am Frankie and I love the gospel. Why don't you come back and teach me about it tomorrow". Then he walked inside. We just stood there and didn't know what to do. We decided to take it very serious and we called up a member to join us the next day in hopes that he would hold the appointment. Since that night we have taught him 4 times and he is preparing to be baptized on Dec 13th. He loves church and the gospel and wants to serve. He is a single dad of 7 kids and we hope to start teaching the teenagers soon. I know that sometimes we receive revelation that is hard and nobody else seems to agree with. But I also know that God gives us that revelation because he expects to listen and He trusts us to act. I am grateful that I followed through and didn't give up on what I knew I needed to do. 

We were taught this week that a mission will not keep us converted but that it is a daily choice. I know this is true. A testimony is to know and feel but conversion is to do and become. We all have to be doing as much as possible every single day so that we can become the kind of person that is bolted to the church. 

I have been out for 10 months now. :( 

I learned from Ammon this week that a faithful servant is one who remembers to do all he is asked. That really hit me because I wonder how many times I allow things to fall through the cracks and become forgotten. God's most faithful servants are the ones that remember all He has asked them to do. As we remember He can grant us more responsibility and that allows Him to better use us for His work. We all should ask ourselves, what am I simply forgetting to do that is making me unfaithful to God. 

Sis Huber 

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