Thursday, March 5, 2015

2 March 2015

So this morning Sis Price and I joined the Murrieta Zone in their annual 9-mile the almost-pouring rain.  It was SO fun! I got to run down a mountain with pounds of mud on my shoes. I am so sore and so happy. I just really love being over the sisters in Temecula and Murrieta because not only do we get to do training and exchanges in both zones, but we get to go to activities and meetings and all other good things, too!  We get to know so many more missionaries!   It was so beautiful! I felt like I was flying and I felt so free. 

So we had two Zone Training Meetings to go to this week and we did two exchanges.  We had a fun 55+ luncheon and spent a long time at the church yesterday.  It's amazing how much we have to accomplish and yet our area never seems to suffer.  We always are able to get everything done and still have time to meet with all our investigators and everything else.  

Speaking of investigators, they're all doing really well.

Dean is hopefully going to get his baptismal interview this week so keep that situation in your prayers!  He's doing so awesome with reading, though, and he and Jaydean (his 12 year old son)  were both at church yesterday, and they just loved it! We got Jaydean a BOM reader and he's just eating it up.  He's read several chapters already and understands it super clearly.  We can't wait for their baptism! 

Alan is awesome. He is learning a lot and just has come so far. He has a lot to learn but every time I see him he looks like a new person. He looks different every day. He looks softer. In his prayer this week he said, " Satan's got no hold on me. That ain't gonna happen". He is just so firm in his desire to follow God. He teaches us so much. He reads faithfully even through it is really hard for him to read and understand. He came to church with some nice slacks on and soon we will get him to the white shirt and tie status. He might be rough looking but I know he would do anything to protect his "sisters". Seriously, nobody would dream of messing with us if they knew who was coming for them if they did.....  haha. I just love seeing people change.

This week had some ups and downs. I found out that I really really really really love the scriptures even more then I did. They save us. They lift us and they move us forward. I am so grateful for them. One day I will have them memorized. I have the living Christ memorized and sharing it with people has brought a very strong spirit into homes. I know that Christ lives and is who I want to follow. Lots of things can lead a person to want to learn of Christ but then we all have to decided to become a follower of Christ. There is a big diffidence. May we always follow Him. I know that Heavenly Father is giving me so many tender mercies in life right now and I am so grateful to get a glimpse at some of them. He loves us. 

Love Sis Huber 

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