Saturday, March 21, 2015

16 March 2015: 3.14.15 PIE DAY FOR REAL

Bullet points this week. Sorry 
1) We performed in church this week, meaning sis Price and I, and it was awesome. One man came up to us after and said he looked  at Sister Price singing and could see three spirits there behind her and with her. He then looked over at me on the piano and could see two more with me. I don't know why he could see them but I could feel them so I believe what he said. I know God sends us help all the time. 
2) We had ZTM's, two of them and then two exchanges.... lots to do around here. I gave a training in one and a training and discussion in the other. 
3) We went to dinner at Souplantation with Thu (inv) and Jesse (LA member) and their beautiful family on Monday which was such a great way to start the week!  We actually ended up having a great conversation with them last night as well, and they both really opened up to us about alot of their concerns about the ward and various things and we're just really hoping we have helped them as best we can.  They are such a wonderful family and I love them so much! We're still tryin to work through a few things, but I very firmly believe that Thu will get baptized shortly.  She knows the church is true.  She just needs to accept it and act on it.  Please keep them both in your prayers!
4) Carmen and Wilson, our Filipino friends, we've met with twice altogether, taught literally ALL the lessons, set a date, committed them to read, the whole shebang.  Please keep them in your prayers, too.  We didn't get to see them much this week so we're just praying a lot and we're looking forward to our next meeting with them.  They are so wonderful. Our second meeting with them Wilson told us that he felt the spirit in our first meeting and he knew that he was going to get baptized.  It was incredible.  But we just found out they are really struggling with the idea of tithing. It's tough, but I just so strongly believe that God will provide when you're willing to sacrifice.  They just need to come to that understanding for themselves now.
5) Ember is still a go for baptism next Sunday! She's so sweet.  She's a completely different little girl at this point.  She's so much happier and more comfortable with herself and she's more willing to stand up to her parents and tell them that she herself wants to be baptized.  Apparently everyone in her family (even the active members) thought she was getting baptized for the wrong reasons so they asked her and after some good conversations with her narrowed it down to the fact that she wants to get baptized for her, and not for anyone else.  Hopefully they all will just continue to love and support her in this and next Sunday will be a wonderful experience for everyone! 
6) Dean is great! They came to church yesterday, even LaShondra, who basically swore she would never step in one of our church buildings!  So that was a HUGE miracle!  She agreed to sit down with us so we could answer some of her questions and so we did that this morning.  Hopefully it was productive.  We helped resolve a LOT of her concerns and help her feel more at peace about the church and the doctrine.  Just keep praying that her heart will soften and she'll see the goodness in the whole thing.  Until she gives the "go-ahead", Jaydean can't get baptized because she won't let him.  But she's more than willing to let Dean get baptized, because he's a grown up, he can make his own decisions, or something.  Frustrating, because Dean can't get baptized yet!!! But I feel like this is by divine design.  There's a reason for everything that happens; the Lord's timing is perfect in every way.  And though I don't understand why, I know that this is all happening for a reason and that one day, LaShondra is going to get baptized.  It's strange, but there's not a doubt in my mind that she will. 
7) Alan is as intense as ever.  After reading 1 Nephi 4, he was really mad at Nephi.  Long story short, he's just gonna keep reading and feel the spirit as he reads and hopefully he'll be able to see the light.
8) Transfers are in one week!!!! Where will I go??? Also, I hit 14 months....Also, super legit pie day was this week. I hope ya'll ate pie. 
9) LOVE YOU! Sis Huber 

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