Sunday, March 15, 2015

9 March 2015

Hello all,
Life is good. Kinda Crazy. I have two weeks left in this ward. Man, time flew by because I have been here almost 6 months. 

I was thinking about our lives and how everything we do that brings us closer to God is a simple act of faith. Prayer is a simple act of faith, pausing to listen and understand something or someone is a simple act of faith, reading the scriptures is a simple act of faith, healing another person is a simple act of faith, saying sorry is a simple act of faith, committing to Christ through baptism is a simple act of faith, coming to church to feel the spirit and support others is a simple act of faith. Really, all God has ever asks us His children to do is preform simple acts of faith. I think that is beautiful and encouraging. What Satan does is take those simple acts and turns them into big scary moments or tiny unimportant details. He is so good at that. I guess we must be willing to push aside those fears or thoughts and do the simple acts in the manner God wanted us too. Appreciate the simplicity and purity that comes from the truth. I love the gospel.

We have a lot on our plate as members of this church and sometimes it might overwhelm us. We forget though that our job in anything, whether it be missionary work or something else, is to humbly show up and allow God to do the rest. We need to not place undue stress or worry on ourselves but we need to be humble and willing to show up and to do His will. 

We had AWESOME lessons with Dean this week!  Long story short, he  AND Jaydean both had their baptismal interviews this week! Jaydean passed and will most likely be getting baptized on Sunday! And Dean has to wait for a few legal things to go through.  Kind of frustrating to us but mostly to him.  So he and Jaydean came to this baptism on Saturday! They looked so good in their white shirts and ties! So we started off by giving Jaydean one of those BoM readers but last week he asked us if he could have the other one now.  He's so cute! He carries his little blue Book of Mormon everywhere! Oh yeah, the race issue came up too. But luckily we also came up with a solution: he'll send us over to every African American person's house that he knows so he and Jaydean won't be the only ones at church! HAHAHA! Did I mention how much I love them??

Carmen and Wilson are our mother-son Filipino investigators! We picked them up on Thursday and committed them to baptism on the 18th.  The work is hastening, people! We don't have time to mess around!

Our little 11 year old, Ember, is still on track to get baptized on the 22nd so keep her in your prayers!  It's so cool, since she stood up to her parents and told them she wanted to get baptized, she's been a lot more open and friendly with us and she's more willing to stick to her guns! She is LOVING coming to church! She's so awesome!  We actually went and pulled weeds for their family on Saturday so that was fun!  

Alan is still softening, little by little.  He relapsed on his drinking, which is disappointing but instead of drinking 20 beers in one day like he used to he only had 6! And the whole time he said he felt really weird and kept thinking, "I shouldn't be doing this. This isn't good for me.  Why am I still doing this?" And then he stopped.  We're pretty confident he won't be drinking again.  :)

We had a [loving] throw-down with Efrain on his doorstep yesterday about how he needs to read the BOM so he can get the testimony that he wants so that he and his soon-to-be wife can be sealed forever! Yep, it was awesome.  He's praying about March 17 as his big day so we're pretty stoked about that. 

So pretty much, we need lots of prayers because I only have two weeks left to get 8 people baptized and to finish some of the things I have started to do here. Please pray for them all. 

Happy March!
Sis Huber 

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