Monday, May 26, 2014

Happiness 4-28-14


Well howdy all. I hope that everyone had an enjoyable week. I like to imagine myself actually talking to people when I write these so bear with me. I miss having pressure-free, casual, fun conversations with people. Being a missionary is exhausting because you need to be on your game ALL the time.

I didn't get a single letter in the mail this week.....yes that is really sad considering that I haven't been out very long. That is not supposed to happen till month 6. Dad, maybe you could forward me the junk mail? Just kidding but I now feel extremely bad for Leah and her lack of mail for many weeks.

On Saturday we helped the stake with a big service project. We helped paint all the stairs in a big high school stadium. We also got videoed and interviewed for a big initiative that is happening in the San Diego area.  The Book of Mormon musical is coming to this area so the church is making a video and billboards to show when it is here. They choose my zone to be the missionaries for it. We had to talk about why we are serving missions and what we do every day. It is pretty cool and I wonder if I will actually make the cut. I did get interviewed for about 5 minutes so maybe!

 We actually had an investigator come to help with the service project! Robert came and painted with us. It was so great to work with him and help him meet more people. He said something that really struck me when we were working. He said: "People used to tell me that I was happy and I used to think that I was happy but then I met you and I realized that I didn't even know what happiness was. Sister Huber, you are the happiest person I have ever met." I felt prompted to reply with a question: "Robert, why do you think I am so happy? What makes me feel so happy?" He said: "well I know what you would say." I said: "what would I say?" He said: " You would say The Book of Mormon is what makes you so happy."

In that moment I realized that a lot of my happiness does indeed come from the Book of Mormon. I have found so many answers and insights from searching its pages. I have found peace and direction and the ability to keep pressing forward. I have found happiness. I am so grateful that Robert recognizes its power and is reading it for himself. I am also grateful for my own personal testimony of the book that shines through to others so that they can tell where happiness can come from. The Book of Mormon brings true happiness. It brings light and healing. It just has to be true!! I have felt its power and seen it make me into the happiest person alive:) I am grateful to share that message with everyone I meet.

We had three investigators at church which was so exciting for us! M came and loved it! She is the one getting baptized on May 24th! Sister Grover and I really sat down and made some transfer goals. We are pushing ourselves and it will be exciting to see them happen. It is not easy being a missionary. Man some days it is actually really super hard, but it is always rewarding. And I know it is worth it. And I guess I am really happy. Margot actually told me this week that I looked like a model. She said, " I always think you are so beautiful and I wonder if you know that. I hope you know that." Made my day. Don't forget to tell people the good things about them and brighten their day! We might know something about someone but maybe they need to hear it to believe it. 

We got a new elder in our ward. Always an adjustment.

I got to push a baby stroller up a very large steep hill this week. It was funny because sister Grover was trying to teach Erin a lesson and I was trying to get Sarah to stop screaming. I think we did a fairly good job at getting our point across so I would call it a success.

We picked up some awesome new investigators and had some awesome lessons with them and others. One person is a former Jehovah witness. That is kinda like something that never happens. He is way cool and way open to the gospel. Unfortunately we have to pass him off to the singles ward sisters. I feel like we pass off a lot of our good potentials, good thing we are all working for the same purpose.

Sorry this letter is all over the place and not very good. I am more tired then usual and I can't think straight. Bottom line: I am good and being a missionary is the best. It is always worth it. Also, give 100% to whatever you are doing and have no regrets. It is hard to see missionaries that don't work or aren't really into being a missionary. It makes it hard for everyone. I am working on Christ like attributes, including patience and humility and charity and love and pretty much everything.  I might need like a ten year mission to figure it all out.

Happy summer or whatever break you are all on!

I love you all!

Sister Huber

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