Monday, May 26, 2014

HAPPY MAY! ‏ 5-5-14


So I guess it is now did that happen? It has been getting HOT over here. It was 95-98 all week when I was walking around. I am not used to that so it was kinda rough to try and stay moving. I thought I was going to have heat stroke. Thanks goodness for water and sunscreen (yes mom I use it every day). There are also a lot of tourist that are now coming here so it is changing the way we talk to people. All of the sudden no one actually is from here and they really don't care about talking because they are headed to the beach. Oh well we can get referrals and such. One day I will vacation put it on the plan for September 2015.

I went on two different exchanges this week. I don't really like exchanges so I am working on having a good attitude and trying to learn and lead. Some missionaries just really don't know how to is a problem my friends. Everyone should teach their children how to work. I think it will take them far in life. But while on one of the exchanges I had a good time and saw some miracles!

Robert came to a baptism! It was the most amazing baptism I have ever been too. It was a mom and her two teenage sons. They are from Iran and because they choose to be baptized they can never return to their country. If anyone finds out they will be killed. They speak Farsi and the missionaries taught them through translators. The baptism was in two languages and it was so powerful to feel their devotion to the church and see the tears when they received the cleansing power that comes through baptism. They really know that this is true because they had to give up so much to join. Their father is still in Iran and he can't know or else he will be killed as well. One day he will come join them here and learn about the church and hopefully join them in being baptized. Robert enjoyed it and right after we went and taught him a lesson. We taught him about baptism and confirmation and what that will do for his life. He understood that baptism is the beginning and makes people happy. It was great! We had a member from the ward come who is a convert and single mom. She is from Brazil and absolutely a crack up. She bore a powerful witness of the power of the church and her baptismal story. At the end we committed Robert to be baptized on June 7th. He was very hesitant but is praying to know if that is right. I know without a doubt that it can happen and it will happen.

 The next day Robert came to church, yay! It was the best testimony meeting I have ever attended. This ward is full of rock stars. The whole meeting was focused on Christ, as it should be, and the spirit was very strong. He helped me teach the lesson second hour and made some friends! What a grand day for Robert! I will keep you updated on him.

Michelle is also moving forward. We have the perfect fellowshipper for her and she came to church with this lady. We are continuing to teach her and soon she will be all ready for baptism! I only have 4 weeks left in this transfer so the heat is on and we gotta move! I just have really come to love her though. I reread my farewell talk and I realized that it is true. You love those you serve. I love all these people so much. I pray for them, fast for them and think about them nonstop. I wonder if they realize how much time and energy is put into their progression.

I was asked to teach the gospel principles class. Why not? I guess that is my job now. This week it was on the life of Christ and it was an awesome lesson. I asked each investigator a question prior to church so they would feel comfortable in class. I then had them share experiences and help teach!  I was nervous but it seemed to go well. Teaching with a lot of the ward members present kinda scares me. I guess I need to get over that though and just focus on the spirit.

It was just a week for me teaching because I was also asked to give a training to all the missionaries in the district. I had a lot of fun with that one! I used an object lesson with lots of food and I made jello cake with strawberries and cool whip. I know I know, so Emily of me. They all loved it though and said they have never seen anything like it! I am just going to revolutionize trainings so people learn and still enjoy sitting there.

Margot is having a few health issues:( Pray for her. She is so amazing and fasted on Sunday even though she couldn't come to church. I am naming my first born child after her. Take notes mom.

Erin and Robert are still working on getting hitched. Robert now works far away so it is kinda making it hard to teach them. Hopefully we figure something out soon.

We got yelled at a few times,  given lots of water, got told to never return, got told we could come back, taught some lessons, had lessons canceled, found free clothes on the side of the road, ate lots of salad and ice cream, got tans, got fans for our apartment and just had a missionary week! All is well. All is well.


Sister Huber 

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