Monday, September 22, 2014

Freely give 9-2-2014

This week seemed to have a very apparent theme to it for me. I guess it is a theme to be noticed and noted and taken and used.
One definition of charity is simply, to give freely. The idea that we can freely give is something each of us must come to understand for ourselves. I imagine myself sending out love and service and then mentally cutting all ties to those things. The release must come as soon as the gift has been given.  Charity leaves behind no residue of need and expects nothing in return.
“Blessed are they who can give without remembering and take without forgetting” Unknown
“Our opportunity’s to show charity are limitless but they are perishable.” President Monson
“If you judge people you have no time to love them” Mother Teresa
I truly believe that we have to accept God’s love before we could ever hope to share His love. We must become filled so that in turn we can fill. God’s love is apparent in every single part of our existence. It is in the quite still morning as I run by the ocean. It is in the cool breeze as I am walking the streets of Cardiff. It is in the smile of the bus driver and the gentle handshake of the mystery gentleman I meet. Every time I choose to embrace that those moments are from Him, I gain the slightest ability to be filled with more of His love. I feel His presence in every moment and I feel the contentment He has at my simply accepting and understanding those moments are from Him.  My journey is now to freely give all and then to feel complete contentment at simply knowing I did it for Him and need nothing in return. I can cut all ties or need of reimbursement because each act of giving strengthens my tie to my maker. Charity is to bind ourselves to something more and to know of the power of sharing what we have found. May we all be filled with this love.  
Some many of these people that I meet each and every day are closer to God then I am. The only thing they lack is the covenant that I have made and that I know. What a humbling thought that is. God uses small and simple means to bring great things to pass. He uses all of us young unexperienced missionaries to bring His children the covenant of baptism and the temple. Many times we bring them the knowledge of God as well, but many times they bring us the understanding and wisdom of someone who knows God much better than we do.
Our week was filled with sunshine and finding people to teach. We had an exchange and I biked over ten miles. Needless to say I felt sore for a few days. We laughed and cried and grew this week. Robert and Obed both attended the temple, for the first time, and loved it. Lucas came to church and felt the spirit. I ate fish for the second time on my mission and it was just as terrible as the first time. I am in a bubble right now because I feel my time falling away with each tick of the clock. Soon I will leave this place, better then I found it I hope. My mission will have started and matured all on the same grounds of Del Mar. How could I leave this place? I guess that will be my musings for another time. I am happy here. I am tired beyond tired but I am happy. That is all I could ever ask for.

Sister Huber  

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