Monday, September 22, 2014

Week of laughs 9-15-2014

I have so much to say today, and less time than usual to say it.  I hate that.
This is a week of laughs. I love that about Sister Vincent, we are always happy together. I will share some of them with you now.
There is an investigator who loves the sister missionaries. She has nicknamed all the sisters that have taught her and she adores them so much. The last three sisters were named: sister love, sister joy and sister gentle. This week I went on exchanges in this area and we got to go over to see her. When we were there I asked her if I got a nickname as well. She said that when it came to her she would tell me. We started doing some service and helping her out when all of the sudden she just starts laughing. She looks at me and said, “Sister Get er done”. Yes, that was the name I got. Not kind or hope or anything remotely like the other three, but get er done. I couldn’t decide if I should laugh or cry. The name spread around the mission so now I am constantly teased about it. Oh well what are you going to do? Someone has to actually buckle down and make things happen. I am working on showing more love or at least showing more love in an apparent way. Some people just don’t understand me.
My companion’s favorite thing to say these days is, “Sister Huber is trying to be cultured again”. It came as I would say something totally wrong or pretend to know what was going on when I didn’t have a clue. I would try and explain the situations but they would just sound dumb and not be funny to anyone else but us. Good thing we can laugh at ourselves.
We contacted into this man and he said, “I am a Unitarian Episcopalian with charismatic leanings thank you and have a great day”. And then he just kept walking. What does that even mean
A more serious note:
Prayer is a glimpse into a person’s connection with God. I love prayer. I could sit here and write about prayer after prayer that touched me this week. Lucas has such a deep understanding of the gospel and of personal accountability and choices. When he prays I feel something so strong. He sits there for 30 seconds before he begins to gather his thoughts. He then offers beautiful prayers and stays siting with his head down and clasped hands afterwards to think and feel.  This week he prayed for help to better use his agency. What a profound thought and statement that is. I have pondered on that attitude and understanding all week. I have begun to echo his prayer with my own plea to have His help in using the gift He has given me. Think about what that means to God when we ask for help in better using the gift of choice that He has given us. Try it out this week and it will change your outlook and pattern of thinking.
Another of our investigators said that he now loves praying because he understands how prayer works. He said he never prayed because the few times he had in the past had never resulted in fireworks or voices speaking to him. He thought that if he didn’t hear God speaking to him, then he was doing it wrong. When we understand prayer and how we can get our answers it changes everything. It becomes something we want to do and something we love doing.
Sis Huber

p.s. I will try and be better next week with my email. I got carried away todayJ

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