Monday, April 21, 2014

What A Week 4-21-14

Hello all,
1st off: transfers are this week. Well someone's prayers must really be heard and answered because neither sister Grover or I are being moved. Yes indeed, we are staying here and staying together. I guess that means something is happening here. Well I already knew that but I guess something that requires the HuberGrover team is going to go down. It shall be exciting.
2nd off: Elder Ballard came to my mission! What a amazing experience. He came and talked to the 180 missionaries that are serving in the Carlsbad California mission. I was chosen, purely because my companion has an angel voice, to sing in a special group for the meeting. We got to meet him and shake his hand and briefly talk with him. I will never forget what it felt like to look into his face and feel his smile and receive his thanks for my service. The meeting was powerful and makes me want to be better. Bottom line-if we want to baptize more people, we must talk with more people. TRUTH. Ha but really he promised that if we each talk to 10 people a day, independent of tracting and lessons, we will double baptisms. So 20 a day per companionship. It will be hard in some areas but we are trying!
Elder Saben and Elder Maynes of the 70 were also there. They gave powerful talks and stories that touched me. One said, "we serve to stand blameless at the last day (D&C 4) Not perfect, but blameless. You use the atonement by serving. Missionary work triggers the atonement." They talked about how the Book of Mormon is the cure for sadness and how we better be happy sharing the happiest message there is. It was great!
MIRACLE STORY! One night as it was quickly approaching the unfortunate hour of 8 o'clock (missionaries hate the 8 o'clock hour if they don't have a lesson) Sister Grover and I had about 15 mins to use before we had somewhere to be. It was dark and we usually avoid knocking on doors at night but we knew it must be done. We went to a street and starting knocking. Not very nice people that evening. Well we had a few more minutes so we knocked on a door and found a lady at home. She said we could come back and we set up a time to do so the following week. Well that was this week and we headed over to see her. She invited us in and started talking and ran and got a pad of paper to take notes on. Me and Sister Grover just looked at each other and grinned. Long story short, we spoke to her of love and peace and she opened up and started crying and saying how she hadn't felt those things for a long time. We taught her the restoration and set a baptismal date for may!!!! We set a baptismal date for may!!! I had to write that twice because it is a miracle. That is one reasons both of us needed to stay here I think. The church is true and is brings peace into any life that will let it.
We had great lessons with our other investigators and now have three baptismal dates set. We are working towards getting more this week and I can't wait to just give God everything. It was so cute because we thought for sure that one of us would be leaving the area. We told all our people and said some goodbyes. We went to the gas station to tell Robert and we turned to leave as he was checking out a customer. We look up from the car to see him running out of the gas station waving his hands. He goes "one of you is really leaving?" We really love these people and It is so great to know they love us too. They all just jumped up and down when they found out we are both staying. Everyone at the ward also was thrilled. It feels so good to be loved and appreciated. Hard work really pays off.
I can't believe Mothers Day is approaching!!! That is crazy. I guess I will see you then. Also, I gave up sugar with my companion so don't send me anything with it! I lose all my mail privileges if I eat it.
I love you all!
Sister Huber

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