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Because Of Him 4/14/2014

To start I want all of you to go to this link and watch the video:
Did you do it? No? Ok go back and watch it now.
I really hope you watched it because it will lift you up and make you think. Now go share it with all your friends. Thanks:)
This week was incredible! Sister Grover and I are trying to finish strong and really give 100% to this area. We are exhausted every day and just fall into bed at night. I guess that is good though.
 Margot set a baptismal date! This is such great news for her. She is waiting until August so that summer is over and her family can all come. Although we wish it was sooner, we are so thrilled and feel at peace with the day. Right now we are working on family history with her. She has the most incredible stories that inspire me every time I hear them. She grew up in Germany during the war and has been through so much. Her faith has never left and she is an example of someone who has been waiting to hear about the church.
Erin and Robert are also doing well! They are coming to church every Sunday now and Erin is well on her way to being ready for her baptism in June. We are going to start planning her wedding and that is pretty dang exciting. With Erin I have gained such a testimony of the book of Mormon. It has truly changed her life. We go read with her a few days a week and she just soaks it up. She gets more out of it then I do some days. I am so impressed to hear her talk about what is has done for her and how she is changing because of it. I have a testimony that it is true. I have a testimony that is can help people become new.
Robert. My man Robert. I am pretty sure he is like my best friend now. He doesn't really know that, and I would feel weird telling him that, but I just think he is so great. We always have a good old time. We taught the Plan of Salvation to him and invited him to be baptized. He didn't accept a date but he said he would think about it all. He doesn't want to jump into anything without knowing 100%. He says, "sister and sister, its not like buying a car" We smile and tell him of course not.  I know he will continue to progress and one day soon he will say yes.
E and E are great! We had a super good lesson with them and they are both reading and praying now. The only complication we have found is that they go out of town every Sunday to see there husband/dad.....kinda  a problem. I will work on figuring out a solution. 
Karol is back in the game!!! I don't know what I told you all about her but we taught her for a long time and she wasn't really progressing. She is now back! I knew some love and time would do the trick. She had a surgery and we got the elders to give her a blessing. So good. She is meeting with us almost everyday and really changed her heart. Sometimes God gives us hard things to soften our hearts and move us towards Him.
Funny story: Some days I just struggle. Its sad. I was knocking doors and we walked up to a sliding door that was clear. I could see a girl on the couch and so I knocked and smiled. She raised her had and pointed in my direction and said something. I thought she said: come in. I proceeded to open the sliding door and walk on in.....ya she actually said, he's sleeping. Her boyfriend was asleep on the couch next to her and she just wanted us to be quite so he wouldn't wake up. So awkward! I literally just walked into her house after she has told be to be quite and leave. I just held up the book of Mormon and then ran away. I was traumatized for at least 4 doors after that. Then I got over it and started laughing.
Ok my thought time:)
 Real Christians don't carry their religion, their religion carries them.  
Is our faith and religion a burden? Do we feel obligated to carry it and all the rules and lifestyle changes it forces us to make? Do we feel weighed down by our church? If so, we aren't doing it right. I can testify of that. I think there is a time in every persons life when they are carrying a part of their religion. I know I have done it before and it is a hard path to walk. I felt like I had to follow some rule or I was limited by some standard my family kept. When this is our attitude, religion can be hard and can seem like a burden. When we feel like we are paying a price or giving up happiness and fun times to be a follower of Christ we will always feel like we are the ones sacrificing in the end. This attitude doesn't allow us to truly completely understand and accept the real sacrifice that has already been made, that of Jesus Christ. The gospel is a message of peace and goodness, not of limitations and hardships. It is what sets us free not what ties us down. I have gained such a testimony of the fact the this gospel can give a person wings. I have seen it in others and I have felt it very personally in my own life. I know that Jesus Christ carries me. I know that Because of Him I can really live again. I love Easter because I get to focus on the miracle of His Atonement and resurrection. I hope that we can all realize that we are not paying a price at all. We are the ones getting endless blessing in return for simply trying our best to follow Christ. Don't get caught up in the commandments and rules and start thinking you have to carry the burden of following them. Focus instead on what you can do because of Him and what the gospel has carried you through. When we refocus and start to better understand the gospel we will feel it pick us up and carry us through everything.
I love you all 100 red hearts!!!(a little girl said this to me this week and I just melted inside because it was so cute)
Sister Huber

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