Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hello Rain. 4/1/2014

Hey Hey Hey!!!!!
It is just another week out here in Encinitas:) I am kinda pumped right now because I just sat by the ocean and felt the breeze and it was beautiful. I am now all jazzed about life. No wonder so many people think the ocean is enough around here....but it is not enough. You still really need God because He gave us that beautiful ocean.  
Ok, I loved the women's broadcast. Like so much. Our Margot came with us and really enjoyed watching it. I am just so grateful for inspired leaders who lead and guide this Church through revelation.
We taught the Word of Wisdom to Erin and family. It was great to promise so many blessings to them as they start to live that law. I can't wait to see the progression in them as they move forward. It is a long path, but it is so worth it. We had them write down things they are missing out on now and things they will miss in the future if they don't change their behaviors. It really puts in perspective why God gave us commandments. He really is just trying to bless us.
We went on exchanges and I got to hold down the fort here. It was kinda fun to be in charge. We talked to a lot of people that day and I got to work on my contacting skills. I am trying to give out lots of Books of Mormons everyday. We are starting to recognize lots of people and make friends all over. That is such a huge step in missionary work! People have to know you care before they will want to listen to you.
Story time: We have this friend that we see all the time:) She lives in the apartments and we see her when we are knocking or whatnot. We asked if we could teach the first time we saw her and she said no she was happy. Now we just talk and have gotten to know her children and friend. This week we saw her on the bus with a bunch of bags and offered to help carry them. She was so grateful and said God sent us because she really needed help. We smiled and carried her stuff in. Along the way we learned that her birthday was the next day. We of course had to do something! We got flowers and wrote a note and went to drop it off the following day. She was not home but her friend invited us back for cake and said she would be so happy we came. We went back and sang to her and took a picture and it was so fun to see her smile. If we hadn't gone, nobody would have sang her happy birthday. She calls us her girls and we cant wait to see where our friendship takes us.
We had an amazing lesson with a recent convert who is 15. She is one of my favorite people and just so strong. no one else in her family is Mormon and no one really supports her. We see her every week and I am amazed at how close to the spirit she is. She asked us how to be more modest and things like that. She just gets it. I promised to come be here when she goes on her mission. We text her thoughts everyday so when her family is being rude and mean to her, she can be strong. What an example she is to everyone around her.
I bagged coffee for 3 hours for service....kinda ironic really.
I can't wait for general conference!! Everyone get pumped to watch it! I want to hear everyone's favorite talk. I am giving a training tomorrow for my district so I have been working on preparing that.  
Well Love ya all!
Sister Huber

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