Monday, April 21, 2014

A brief synopsis of a brief part of my 4 minutes. (See Sunday morning session of General Conference for greater clarification)‏ 4/7/2014

What a great week! I loved conference. What a neat experience as a missionary. I just felt so overwhelmed at the goodness of the Savior and Heavenly Fathers perfect plan. What a privilege it is to share it with all those around me. I felt confirmation after confirmation of God's love and His hand in our lives. I found answers to my questions and I found great strength to press forward. What a blessing it is to have continued revelation and an outpouring of God's grace through the prophets and apostles.

We had great lessons with our investigators and found two new people to teach. One person was a miracle story for me. I was on an exchange and in charge of the area. We were tracting an apartment and it was time for us to walk home. I saw one lady in the parking lot walking quickly. I decided to talk to that last one person that evening and go contact her. She said we could come back and teach her. We went back a few days later and she was not home. I was really sad because I had felt really good talking to her the first time. I decided we should try back again the very next day and see if we could find her home. We did go back that night and she answered her door. She apologized for not being home the day before and started talking to us on her doorstep. Her two college aged daughters were studying for a big test and so we could not go in a teach her that night. We were basically teaching the first lesson on the doorstep as we were setting up a time to come back. I was sad that we could not teach her the full lesson right then and had consigned to the fact that it wouldn't work out right then. Suddenly a light came on behind us, it was the laundry room. Someone had walked in to change their clothes. The women grabbed some chairs and said, lets go study in there! We were able to sit in the back of a public laundry room and teach the restoration to this women. I know that God gave us that light to show us a way to help her come unto Him. We are now teaching her and I cannot wait to see what happens. I have such a testimony of how right as it seems impossible, God will turn on a light in our lives and show us a way. He did it with us that night and He has done it over and over in my life.
E is currently in the process of overcoming some addictions. It has been amazing to watch the way that God reaches out and fulfills His promised to His children. He will and does bless us for keeping the commandments. We read the book of Mormon with them almost every day and that one thing alone has brought extreme power into their lives. Just simply reading that book every single day can give us the power and spirit needed to accomplish any task. She also received a blessing and that has been a great testimony to her of God's love.
Margot is doing great!!! We taught her the word of wisdom, something I was kinda nervous about, and she is going to keep it this week! She said she can give up her coffee. Yay! Some people are so strong and so good. I am constantly amazed and motivated by these people.
Meggie Roo- I hope your Birthday was amazing. I thought of you and I love you a whole lot. Keep being cute and let me know how much you love the temple!
I have challenged myself to be greater. I love deeper. To express my testimony with more power. To be humble and desire for Him to lead. Some days I think I am the one experiencing the greatest miracle.
I have found that it is all about the relationships and bonds we form. It is all about reaching out and showing love and sharing what you hold so dear. That is success. I gave my very first training! It went well even though I was nervous. I am much more nervous to teach other missionaries then to teach people on the streets.
I went on an exchange to Vista. It is about 30 mins away and a totally different world. Our mission is special because we cover very rich to mini Mexico. I guess I better not get used to this crazy life I am living right now. I love this place and all its challenges. Exchanges are in a week so I guess my time could be closing soon. Well carry on and read all of conference again! Mom could you send me a copy of the conference ensign?

Love you!
Sister Huber

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