Thursday, January 29, 2015

Merry Christmas 12/24/2014

This week was AMAZING! I had two baptisms, Kiannah and Suzanne. 

Suzanne is from the YSA ward in Del Mar. She is a marathoner and probably the happiest person I know. I was lucky enough to be the first one to teach her and invite her to get baptized. After I left they keep teaching her and on Saturday she got baptized! I got to speak on Christ and Christmas and coming unto Him through baptism. It was great.  I love her so very much. She is one of the perpoe I miss all the time. 

Kiannah is Esther's daughter. She is 12 and a very special person. She was so ready to learn about the church and to get baptized. She is going to be my life long friend. I told her that I will be there when she becomes a missionary. 

I HAD A MIRACLE! Nobody in our mission gets to go to the temple and see the lights because it is out of the boundary. Nobody. Not one soul. And then on Monday President came and gave my companion her exit interview and  gave us permission to take Esther and her family to the temple. We were floored. I am so grateful he trusts so much. It was the highlight of my mission thus far. It felt so good. It was their first time at the temple and we got to talk about what it meant and how they will go inside. They are literally my family. Esther was crying and we were all so overwhelmed at the goodness of God. That is what Christmas is all about. 

I love missionary work! I will try and catch up next week! 


Sis Huber

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