Thursday, January 29, 2015

:) 01/26/2015

I wake up happy and I go to bed happy. I am just so happy. I just love being a missionary. 

I believe in angels. I believe in moments that we can't explain away or logically understand. I believe the God protects His missionaries. It was the end of a very very long day. We had gone on exchanges and we both very tired and had a lot on our plates and on our minds. We were driving home in the dark along a road we travel often. I was the driver. I needed to change lanes and I put on my blinker and glanced at the mirrors. I turned the wheel hard to quickly change lanes. The moment I cracked the wheel a car whizzed past us in the lane I was headed for. A car that I had not seen. I looked down at my hands on the wheel, it was still turned sharply. I looked at the road and the car I was driving. We had not turned even a little bit. We were still traveling in the lane we started in. I know that I turned the wheel but that God didn't turn the car. I know that I should have hit a very fast moving car. I know that God protects His missionaries.

I got a letter from Lucas, my Chinese convert in Del Mar.  It was a blessing to hear from him. He is loving the gospel. He tanked me for my time and commitment to the truth. I am grateful for perspective and the ability to see literal change in a person. I hear he also tried to walk on water this last week after studying that story, haha gotta love that. 

We met with a general authority as the leadership this week.  His name is Elder Nelson of the seventy. It was incredible! He talked for a long time about after our missions. He talked of getting married and families and callings. It was quite the speech really. He said we receive revelation as we are acting and moving forward. Therefore, if we want to receive guidance and help in finding the correct spouse, we better be actively dating and trying to find them. He said that we had to do this AS SOON AS WE GET HOME. We were all kinda taken aback just because its not really on our minds at all but I guess it makes sense. He said he told his son this and it took him over 2 years to actually get married but the entire time he was searching and looking and actively preparing for it. He said the best safeguard against going less active after a mission if to get married to someone who love the gospel more then you do. It gives you the accountability and drive that we feel as missionaries.  So there you have it. Take it for what it is worth but remember it came from a General Authority. 

One other thing he talked about struck me so powerfully. He talked about "lost things" I will include my note next week for you all. This week I ran out of time :( 

We have some amazing investigators and some really amazing things happening here in Chaparral. Trinity and Sharon are getting baptized over the next two weeks and hopefully Christian and Efrain as well. Pray for them please. 

The temple is the most amazing place to receive answers and peace. I actually get to go there this week! YAY! 

Quote from the week: "the things that seem uncertain now will seem certain in the future". Elder Nelson 

Sis Huber 

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