Wednesday, January 28, 2015

I am Grateful 11/24/2014


I have had an amazing week. I got a new companion and a new area. This is the third time on my mission that I have whitewashed/doubled in to a ward. That means we are both new to the area at the same time so you start from scratch. My companion has 4 weeks left on her mission and she will be home. It makes me think about Leah all the time. I feel lucky to be with her and to imagine being with Leah and how strong she is finishing. We are blowing this area up and going to have her go out with a huge bang! I really love my new companion. I will learn so much from her. We are a Sister Training Leader companionship. We cover two stakes/zones and have 12 sisters we oversee. We have lots of exchanges and training opportunities. It is amazing to see how much work gets done when you are both on the same page and dedicated. We receive so much revelation and light for our sisters and we think about them constantly. I love how we can only put a limited amount of energy into our own area due to a lot of other responsibilities, but God magnifies that effort and makes us so much more. 

I am trying to live the way I pray. What an interesting concept that is. I want to have so much faith, that nothing could ever stop me from accomplishing anything that is God's will. I have seen the fire that can burn in our eyes when we know and we do. I get down on my knees and then I get up on my feet and I work. That is the secret to everything- you have to want it so bad you will do anything. It goes for a soccer game or for salvation. We have to allow ourselves to change.  

What does it feel like to receive something from above? How do we know what is from God? 

17 But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable,gentle, and easy to be entreatedfull of mercy and good fruits,without partiality, and without hypocrisy.
 18 And the fruit of righteousness is sown in peace of them that make peace.

Pure. Peace. Gentle. Mercy. I love those words. My life is becoming my full of them. 

We had a miracle. We are teaching and soon baptizing an amazing woman named Esther and her 4 kids. I will send more about her soon but her baptism should be the 6th of December.  

I am so full of gratitude and thanksgiving. I would sing praises and shout it from the rooftops if I was allowed to climb higher then the second rung of a ladder (white handbook rule). I am grateful for my Savior. I am grateful for my family. I am grateful for the scriptures. But mostly right now, I am grateful for my mission. It hasn't just changed my life, it has changed me. I would never have made it in this world without my mission. God has given me everything I could ever need. For that I am grateful. I love you all. 

Sis Huber 

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