Thursday, January 29, 2015


Hello all,

What a week this has been. What a month this has been to be fair. Actually no, what a year this has been :) I am officially in old lady status on my mission. 

This week Michelle got baptized. It was amazing. I taught her at the very beginning of my mission with Sister Grover. She was finally ready this week after having an amazing story of really being converted while in jail. She has turned her life around 180 degrees.  I saw her give up about every type of drug and substance and start to believe. I love her so much and being there was a treat because I spent so much time and energy thinking of her for so long in Encinitas. 

Remember Erin anyone? If you go back to the start of my mission I am sure you will find her name everywhere. She is the mom that I found and starting teaching back in Encinitas a year ago.  When we taught her she was totally really for baptism and had a testimony she just needed to get married and stop smoking. She has now been married and this Saturday I get to go down to her baptism. It will be an unforgettable day for me. 

We found an amazing new investigator who we taught and set a date with for Feb 7th. Her name is Sharon and the gospel is exactly what she needs. She is about 70 years old and actually wanted to go to church in Arizona back when she was a single mom but her teenage daughter threw a fit. We brought an older women from Germany to teach with us. I love this particular member a lot. She is a powerful convert herself. After the lesson as we walked out the member said, "you ladies sure know how to teach. That was so powerful. If I didn't already have a testimony I would have had one after that!" It was such a  kind comment that reminded me how powerful the gospel is to all people. 

My companion told me, " we are on the same page you're just a lot farther down then I am!" It was super funny. I have so much going on in my head all the time and sometimes I forget that people don't think as fast or about as many things as I do. I am trying to figure out how to change that. I know that God has greatly increased my ability to handle information and situations. My mind is like a full time office with all the different employees. It probably explains why I can't sleep soundly through the might- I can't stop thinking! Don't worry mom, its not a problem, just an observation. 

We taught this convert who started Jewish and then became Catholic and then became Mormon. WHEW! Thats a lot of things. She said something profound about her conversion process. She said, "my testimony came very quickly as soon as I opened myself up to the possibility". We just have to open our hearts and then the spirit will do EVERYTHING. I love that so much about this church and my current line of work :) 

We had an incredible lesson with Greg. He has a family of 6 and all of them are going to be Mormon shortly. Pray for them please. 

Trinity is getting baptized on Feb 1st. Christian and Efrain on Feb 7th and Sharon on the 7th! Keep them all in your prayers please! We are hoping to set more this week as well. 

Gotta love the truth. It is the easiest thing ever to share because hello, it will actually do all the things it claims to do. 100% guarantee. 

We are also trying to teach this man who owns his own clothing line. it is called Death Trap Dress To Kill......super duper classy :) haha I am going to get a shirt for you all. I hope you will wear them. 

Sis Huber 

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