Wednesday, January 28, 2015


This week was fantastic! 

For starters- my birthday. I have wonderful friends who threw me a surprise party. They got food and lots of random gifts for me. It made my day! Then as a district we all went to a casino.....haha It is a famous casino buffet and we got permission to go. A member owns it and got us in for free. It costs 37 dollars a person normally!!!! It was sweet except I was sick, so I ended up getting a blessing and not eating much. 

Next, I meet with Elder Ballard and got to receive some amazing counsel and edification. I have been so blessed in my mission. They asked all the leadership, so about 40 of us, to come meet with him. I got to sit on the front pew of the chapel and talk directly to him. AMAZING. He talked about how sometimes we all get discouraged. Sometimes we want to sit down or take a break. He talked about how tired we all feel. He then got really quite and pulled out a worn and used picture of Jesus Christ from his pocket. He looked down at the picture and with tears in his eyes said, "whenever I feel that way I just look at our Savior and suddenly I don't feel so tired or overwhelmed anymore." It was a very strong and powerful moment for all of us. I have taken to carrying a picture of Christ in my planner so I can stop and look at it throughout the day as I need too. I invite you all to take a picture of Christ with you wherever you go as well. He also talked of going to Gethsemane. He said we need to go there every single day so that we can really understand our Savior. I think that this can mean a lot of different things but one interpretation I have is that we need to literally do as Christ did. He bore all He was asked to bear-sins, pains, weaknesses-and then He cried out for help to His Father. He was sent an angel to strengthen Him and He continued to do what was asked. He finished His task. We have to bear whatever it is that we are given and then as we willingly bear it we must cry out to our Father for help. We will be strengthen and helped. I know that we will all be better and more able as we go in our minds to Gethsemane every day. 

Esther got baptized this week. It was a very special moment for me. I know that this was the start, in two weeks her children are getting baptized and then in a year or so I will be in the temple with them all. This is my family. I instantly felt connected to her when we meet. I love Esther. She is currently a single mom with four kids. She is so strong and had a powerful witness of the church. She said when she got baptized and the gift of the Holy Ghost she felt is coursing through her whole body. She just sat in the chair for a minute after it was over to take it all in. Her boss at work introduced her to the church. He is an amazing member missionary. He lead her and guided her and helped her. And now he baptized her. How amazing is that? We can all do that! 

I love being a missionary!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Leah, you rock. Have a great week! 

Love Sis Huber 

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