Thursday, January 29, 2015

What a Week! 01/12/2015


We had a crazy crazy week. I spent 8 hours in the ER, not for my own self, but for another sister. I was dubbed the most capable of speaking with doctors. Those places are not fun to sit in all day. I also have now become corn free and gluten free. 

The important things are this: 

1) Joana got baptized!!!! It was awesome. She has changed so much and I am so grateful that I got to see her journey. She was cracking me up because she bowed after she came out of the water and clapped for everyone. I will never get to teach another person quite like her. I know that church is true and I know that the gospel changed lives. Every person needs the gospel. 

2) I will hit my year this week. :( 

3) I got to teach some amazing people this week in my area. We have a few baptisms coming up in our ward. Mostly with part member families. I love teaching them because it is such a blessing for a family to be joined in the gospel. 

4) I have a gang of 10 year old girls that have become my best friends. I even got talked into going to primary with a few on them this week. That was an adventure. My respect goes out to primary teachers everywhere. 

5) All the stories I want to share and write about are personal to someone so I probably shouldn't. Total cop out but true.

6) I created the most beautiful organized white board for my area this week. I love that kind of stuff so much. I figure I should just draw straight lines for my profession. 

7) I am happy and grateful and happy and grateful. And tired beyond anything I have ever felt. I think I am getting old. 

8) This list is about the level at which my mind currently can function. 

9) Esther's boyfriend Efrain is doing awesome and is getting ready to get baptized! Soon they will be working towards the temple as an entire FAMILY! 

Love Sis Huber 

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