Thursday, January 29, 2015

Happy New Year 01/05/2015

Why hello. Its been too long. I am trying to kick myself into gear and get these things written. I have a new companion who is a rock star! I love her so much! Her name is Sister Price. She is from Idaho Falls. (no wonder she is so awesome, mom) We are going down to Del Mar today for a baptism in my old ward and then we have a few ourselves. We are very blessed right now. 

I find myself complementing life a lot lately. I wonder how I would have ever been the person I am meant to be without being here right now. I have had many confirmations about my calling to be a missionary in Carlsbad California.  Most of them recently are actually regarding companions. I know I was sent to be with certain people and that for the rest of my life I will be responsible to be there for them. 

We are teaching the cutest little family. They are half African American and the 3 little boys have curly hair and are to die for. They are 4,5 and 9. The littlest boy's nickname is Sumo. We went and taught about faith and how it can grow. We had those capsules you put in water and it dissolves and becomes an animal shaped sponge.  We went back the next week and Sumo runs in the room and goes, "I lost my faith!". We are starting laughing so hard as we figured out that he meant his sponge from last time.  He turns to his mom and goes, "Will the sisters bring me more faith?" Why yes, yes indeed we will :) I really love them and I am excited to teach them. 

We started teaching Esther's friend. It is kinda complicated so I will try and explain. It is the father of the youngest daughter and who she was living with but moved out from in order to get baptized. Follow? Anyway they are Mormon style dating now and it is way cute. He will totally get baptized in the next 5 weeks or so. Esther is so strong. She yelled at Efrain, the one we are teaching, because he was eating food in front of her children on fast Sunday. Then she remembered that he knows nothing about fast Sunday......haha it was great. 

We picked up an amazing new family to teach! Parents and 4 kids. I CANNOT wait to see where they go. I have such a good feeling about them. Pray for Greg and his family. 

We had MLC and I gave the training on member work and planning with that mindset. I always love getting to train along side my mission president. I absolutely adore President Kendrick. I got to sit down with him for a quick interview and I just can't say enough about what he has taught me. He asks how our families are, how our companion is, how healthy we are and how our teaching pool is.  I answered that all were great. He goes, "Sister Huber, let me get this right. Your family is good, you feel healthy, you enjoy your companion and you are teaching. Not to mention that you live in Southern California. Sister Huber, what more could you possibly want?" NOTHING. I want nothing more then what I have been given. I want nothing more because I have everything this world could offer me that actually will mean anything in the world to come. 

One of my dear investigators from my first area, Encintas, actually got married!!!! Remember Erin? So now she can get baptized!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEST NEWS EVER!!!!!!! 

GUESS WHAT! IT actually snowed here! It hasn't snowed in 10 years and that was a touch of white. This hasn't happened for 29 years. We were all dying with joy. I made a snowman and a snow angel. I also freeze nearly to death every single day though. IT IS SO COLD. 

I am so happy to know all of you!!!! Have a GREAT AND BLESSED 2015!

Sis Huber 

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